Sullie Sundara looks back on VPC Experience

March 22, 2023

"Volleyball Position Camp has been vital to my development as an OUA Varsity Athlete. This experience was my first introduction to high-level volleyball players. The experienced coaching staff offered valuable insight into what it takes to be a high-level outside hitter, in addition to a student-athlete. It’s hard to grasp and understand the amount of effort it takes to succeed at the next level. The classroom sessions taught us the extent of your commitment to being a post-secondary student-athlete. On the court, I truly understood the game to a different degree. It was more about my role as an outside hitter and understanding how to play the game both technically and tactically. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and experience that I got from VPC, and I genuinely recommend any athlete who wishes to play at the next level to participate in this camp with an open mind and an eagerness to learn."

Sullie Sundara, 2nd year Student-Athlete and OH (McMaster)

2022-2023, USport 2nd Team All Canadian2022-2023, OUA 1st Team All Star2022, Team Canada U21 National Team   * Competed at Pan Am Cup (MEX)2021-2022, USport All Rookie Team2021-2022, OUA 1st Team All Star2021-2022, OUA Rookie of the Year (West)
pc: McMaster Athletics

Alina Dormann looks back on VPC Experience

March 18, 2016

"Attending VPC was one of the best decisions I have made in my volleyball career!

When signing up for the camp, I thought of it as a good opportunity to get some reps in before that year's club tryouts. While that was definitely true, I had no idea that the knowledge I would gain both on and off the court would have such a big impact on the player I am today!

From the position-specific sessions and the ability to work with highly-qualified and inspiring coaches, to the off-court sessions on sport psychology and nutrition, the knowledge I gained at VPC definitely helped prepare me to play at the University level."

Alina Dormann

University of Toronto Blues Women's Volleyball Team* 2019 FISU Games (Indoor)* 2018-2019 USport All-Canadian (2nd Team)* 2017-2018 Top 8 Governor General's Academic All-Canadian Commendation* 2016 USport National Champion* 2017 and 2016, member of National Women's Volleyball Team* 2016-2018, USport All-Canadian (1st Team)* 2016-2018, OUA Player of the Year (East)* 2015-2016, Mark Tennant Rookie of the Year* 2015-2016, USport All-Canadian (2nd Team)* 2015-2016, OUA Rookie of the Year

In 2018, VPC was thrilled to have Alina return but this time, as a coach for the Toronto camps.

VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2023

(Under each athlete testimonial is their respective 2022-2023 Club Team and/or Hometown)

Volleyball Positions Camp (VPC) was a great experience! Everybody there was super positive, kind and helpful. They gave me lots of feedback, taught me new skills and helped me improve a ton. By the end of the 4 day camp I was able to jump serve, which I had been trying to do for almost a year! I definitely felt like I improved afterwards and had so much fun! I will definitely go back.

Emma Clayton 

DA Volleyball Club

I had such an amazing experience at the VPC camp! I learned so many new skills and techniques, as well as an overall more defined understanding of the game. Joely is an incredibly experienced, genuinely kind, fun and amazing coach. She provides very useful feedback and noticed what I should work on to improve my skillset almost immediately. She explained to me what to work on, and the reasoning behind it, so that I had a better understanding of why it was so important. The presentations were informative and helpful for future reference. I also had so much fun meeting the other athletes and learning so many useful tips in this invaluable camp. I would highly recommend it to athletes looking to improve their overall volleyball gameplay and skillsets. 

Amy-Anne Clinch

Fusion Volleyball Club

I was very fortunate to train at Volleyball Position Camp for two weeks this summer. It was a great way to finish off my summer of training after just being at Team Ontario. At VPC, The Coaches were so welcoming and made you feel safe to make mistakes; I was even told that making mistakes is the only way to learn so it was ok! They listened to our questions and gave excellent feedback as well as giving us the opportunity to self correct. The other athletes there were as great as well. My first week I went in not knowing anybody, yet everyone was very kind and supportive.

I really enjoyed the Position focus sessions because they taught you different variations of skills you do countless times throughout the game. 

I would definitely recommend Volleyball Position Camp because I felt like a whole new athlete coming out of it!

Madisyn Clipperton

Georgetown Volleyball Club

I attended VPC as a right-side hitter and loved it. Going to this camp was easily the best part of my Summer. Going to this camp not only strengthened my volleyball skills but created a comfortable environment for me to learn and grow as an athlete. The coaching was excellent and helped me step out of my comfort zone to learn new things. Going to VPC was an overall amazing experience to play high-performance volleyball and develop as a player. 

Anisa LaPointe

South County Bandits Volleyball Club

I truly appreciated my time at VPC. The coaches were fantastic with all the encouragement, motivation, support, assistance, kindness, patience and advice. In the 4 short days of camp Leslie and Melanie were able to correct a number of my technics and I grew so much as a player. I would highly recommend this camp to any volleyball player looking to grow and prepare for their season. I’m looking forward to seeing all the coaches again next year. 

Jessica Hughes

Maverick Volleyball Club

I liked this camp a lot. The coaches were great - their instruction was specific to my position, and it helped me improve on the things that I was working on, like blocking and hot spots for attacking. I would recommend this camp to other players.

Nina Lielmanis

Titans Volleyball Club

My VPC camp experience was one of my best learning experiences I have received with learning additional aspects to the game and helping me enhance my skills in my position. It has helped me be a stronger, smarter and more confident middle player! When I was asked if I would be interested in attending the VPC camp, I felt it would be a great opportunity for me to learn and gain additional knowledge of the game so i looked really forward to this opportunity all season. As this was my first VPC camp experience, I met a lot of great athletes and had the opportunity of learning from great coaches, as well as learning from athletes. I truly feel these types of camps are beneficial for all athletes of all ages. My hope is that I am given an opportunity of participating in another VPC camp next summer!

Ania Magier

Forest City Volleyball Club

This summer I was fortunate to have been chosen to attend VPC. I was excited to be able to train with high level coaches and athletes. The coaching was excellent and I was able to learn so many new things about the game. My skills really improved in just 4 days, all because of the amazing coaching, challenging drills and the competitive yet friendly environment. I loved all the coaches because they were so easy to talk to and were generous with their advice and support.

At the end of the week I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend VPC Ottawa! This was such an amazing opportunity and experience. I was so excited to have the chance to again train with such knowledgeable coaching staff, such as Leslie and Joely. Getting to attend another week gave me a greater understanding of how to play the game smarter, more efficiently and technically. I am so grateful for everything that I was taught at VPC, I had so much fun and can’t wait to attend next year!

Jordan Newell

Venom Volleyball Club

My time at VPC was amazing, I received a high level of training and improved my game significantly over the duration of the camp. It was fun, high energy, and competitive. I loved working with the setter specific coach, Lauren, and improving alongside the other incredible athletes. During the in-class sessions, I learned about different leadership styles and what a good leader looks like, the recruitment process, and what life can be like for a student athlete outside of club volleyball. Overall, it was an awesome experience. See you next summer! :)

Kenzie Reed

Aurora Storm Volleyball Club

This was my first year attending VPC (outside hitter), and it was such a great experience! I met so many amazing and friendly people from clubs that I wouldn’t normally get to interact with. The coaches were amazing, helping me make so much progress towards my goals. They always gave very specific feedback to help me improve, no matter what the skill was. I also really loved the classroom sessions. The mental part of volleyball is really interesting, and I learned so much! My absolute favourite part of VPC this year was definitely the end-of-week scrimmage; I really loved playing and applying all the new skills I learned to a game situation. VPC was absolutely amazing and I would love to attend again!

Stephanie Salacup

Niagara Rapids Volleyball Club

VPC Parent Testimonials from 2023

During the off-season, my daughter spent many weeks attending training sessions and camps, however VPC London was by far her best experience overall. 

All of the coaches were extremely knowledgeable and professional. From the first day, my daughter was made to feel important and her hard work and growth was recognized with daily affirmations, as well as positive and meaningful feedback. Historically, my daughter has been a hitter, and her motivation for joining the libero camp was to build her skills for a backup position. Although she was heading into a new training area, the coaches were always energetic and positive.

All court time was spent working the foundations and encouraging new skill growth at the individual level. During off-court sessions, the time spent discussing sport psychology was very valuable, which is often missing from other training experiences. Building stretching and health discussions into the day also emphasized that taking care of the whole body is part of becoming a higher performing athlete. 

My daughter met many other amazing athletes with similar goals and values, who she can now call friends. On the last day, when parents were invited to watch some game play, the athletes brought together all of their specific skills into a team setting. It was some of the best volleyball I’ve seen. 

A huge thank you to Leslie for inviting Bronwyn to join. VPC will most certainly be our priority camp next summer!!

Lisa Melnick

London, ON

My daughter attended the VPC in Ottawa this past summer. When she didn't get selected for Team Ontario this year she was sad, mostly because she would miss the opportunity to get a week long intensive training experience with skilled volleyball players. We signed her up for VPC on the recommendation of our Club Technical Director. It was EXACTLY what she was looking for in a volleyball camp. Very skilled coaching, high level athletes, and small group coaching by position are what I liked about it as a parent. Feedback from my daughter was that the pace of the drills was at that high level she wanted. She also loved that it was an all day camp with multiple sessions a day (lots of touches). As an Outside Hitter, she chose to do the Libero camp with the goal of improving her back court skills and potential future opportunities in this position. She fell in love with the position thanks to the positive approach and technical feedback on a number of skills she never even knew she would learn about the libero position. My daughter left this camp feeling like she got the experience, confidence, and personal growth she was hoping for this summer. Thanks VPC for setting a high standard for your camp, your coaches, and your athletes. 

Kelly Lupton

Napanee, ON

We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to the coaches and organizers at VPC for the incredible experience our daughters had at your position-specific volleyball camp this summer. This is the second time we have chosen VPC over other more generic volleyball camps as the position-specific aspect of this program is a game-changer for more advanced athletes, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Nick Montesano

Hamilton, ON

Both our daughters have participated in VPC’s camps over the last 2 years and had an amazing experience.

As this camp attracts high level athletes the environment fosters positive growth throughout the camp!

This camp is exceptional in that it is very athlete focused and selects qualified and enthusiastic coaches to make this happen.

The attention to detail on the technical and strategic aspect of the game by position and in a team setting helps guide the athlete to think next level.

Our girls have also enjoyed meeting these high level coaches and Leslie (Director) which has shown new support & connections beyond VPC and through their season!

Cathy Copot-Nepszy and Chris Nepszy

Windsor, ON

A huge thank you to Leslie and all of the VPC coaches for an amazing week. A number of my athletes, including my daughter, attended the advanced camp and were given exceptional instruction and feedback. The superior quality of VPC was evident while watching the high level of play in the week’s end tournament.

Kathryn Nickson

Georgetown, ON

Dear Leslie & VPC Team,

Congratulations on running an excellent VPC session here in Ottawa this past August! Our daughter was excited to have received an invitation to join you for four days of volleyball at U Ottawa. In particular, she enjoyed the high coach-to-player ratio, the quality of technical feedback, and of course, all of the on-court time, including the mini tournament at the end of the session. Best of all, however, she came away from your camp with added confidence in her abilities, which we know will carry through into the upcoming season.

Thank you again for creating such an amazing and fun atmosphere for her and the rest of the camp’s participants. We would highly recommend this camp to any athlete wishing to take their game to the next level.


Brett Potvin

Ottawa, ON

We are first time campers and The Volleyball Position Camp has been a fantastic experience for our family! 

I learned that the preparation and thought into hosting is more than the 4 weeks of camp in August. During registration that fills quickly, Leslie was available to answer questions promptly. I sent an email into the eligibility of my daughter minutes before the registration opened and she shared that she had watched my daughter's team two times at tournaments in January and March ... very impressive.

There was lots of communication pre and post camp which was helpful and fantastic. I like that they hosted the camp at a post secondary location and the camp coaches were recent college or university players. It is also wise that athletes are dropped off and parents could only watch the end results on the last day of camp. 

Most importantly, my daughter enjoyed the camp. Each day she shared what she learned and she looked forward to the next day. She talked about the technical, mental and social aspects, the rewards and recognition. On the last day, she asked us to register her for next year's camp.

We hope to see you in 2024.

Thanks Leslie and Team!

Ian from Markham

VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2022

(Under each athlete testimonial is their respective 2021-2022 Club Team and/or Hometown)

This summer was my first VPC experience. I didn’t know what to expect and was a little nervous at first but quickly got right into the training and loved it! The coaches were amazing and gave me great advice and tips. I loved that I was being coached specifically on my position of Libero and was really appreciative of that. I REALLY hope VPC returns to London again next summer as I will definitely be back!

Avery Askew 

St. Thomas VBC

As a middle blocker, it was challenging to find trainers that knew my position well and could provide useful feedback that would help me advance to a higher level of play. The coaches at VPC had a wealth of knowledge to share about the proper technique and the details we should keep in mind for each skill. They were very supportive and knowledgeable, and always gave plenty of individual feedback which I especially appreciated. The staff were approachable and make sure we had fun along the way. Throughout the week, I got valuable repetitions and l learned so much! I would say with certainty that VPC camp was one of the most impactful training sessions I had so far as a middle blocker.

Leonora Barbulovich-Nad

Leaside VBC

I attended volleyball position camp (outside hitter) in Aug 2022 because my older sister previously attended and loved it! I can say that the whole experience was great! The coaches were awesome! The drills were challenging and a lot of fun! I learned and improved over the course of the week and I can't wait to do it again next year.  Thanks to everyone involved in planning VPC!  

Maya Boutanos

Storm VBC

Participating in VPC was one of the highlights of my summer. I’m in the process of transitioning from left side to libero, and VPC was the perfect opportunity for me to gain valuable position specific training. The amount of reps and knowledge that I gained in just four days was insane! I had so much fun making new friends and playing with athletes from across the province. The ongoing feedback I received from the coaches pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to learn new techniques and strategies. Not only did I love the on-court training, I was thoroughly impressed by the effort put into the seminars about playing post-secondary and sport psychology. Overall I had a great week at this camp and had a blast with the amazing coaches and athletes that participated. I would 100% recommend attending if you are looking to have A TON of fun and increase your volleyball skills and IQ drastically!

Livia Davenport


This was my first year attending VPC and my time there was far better than I anticipated. There was such a pleasant and friendly atmosphere within this camp. Not only did I learn many new skills, but I made friendships as-well. Being able to relate and connect with other girls that have the same love for volleyball was great to be a part of. I learned plenty of new skills and tips that are definitely going to stick with me and continue to grow as I grow. The coaches at VPC are unbelievably supportive and encouraging, after doing drills, the coaches would give us tips on ways to improve and never discouraged us. This camp showed me how there’s always room for improvement and you’re never limited to your skill set. The mindset I was able to get into while at this camp was incredible, it felt like I was able to grow and be my best self while being open to new things on the court. I learned not only about the physical side of volleyball, but the mental aspect too. Knowing how to have a growth mindset towards yourself and others and staying optimistic in a negative situation is something that will stick with me forever. 

Kaiya Greydanus

Twin Bridges VBC

Training with the Volleyball Position Camp (VPC) coaches has really been a blessing. Coach Leslie and her team of qualified and inspirational coaches are very knowledgeable about the sport and the types of training needed. Coach Emie, a setter at the university level herself, as well as being a former assistant coach with FX Garneau, challenged me by using specific training drills and methods for setters which pushed me closer towards reaching my personal goals. Furthermore, she was able to provide practical advice to help me better understand my role in the team. The VPC coaches all brought a level of dedication and intensity that showed they had my best interests in mind.

Mia Ladd

Maverick VBC

This was my first year at VPC and it was awesome, I’ve learned so many new setting skills by the end of the week. Each day at VPC, the time seemed to go by faster and faster because each day was so much fun learning with the coaches and the athletes. The coaches are so AMAZING to work with, not only are they very supportive but they showed me what was wrong with either my hand positioning or my foot work as a setter. VPC is definitely a camp that you want to attend and would really enjoy being at if you want to become a better volleyball player and meet new players from different clubs:)

Aubrey Ngan

Forest City VBC

VPC was the best two weeks of my summer! I attended two camps (Toronto and Ottawa) and found all of the coaches very knowledgeable and credible (had played or coached at a university level). They kept training at a high intensity and pace while still keeping it fun. Every day I left with new information whether it was a new skill, advice on post-secondary recruitment, or injury prevention/rehabilitation. VPC made it a priority for us to get to know the other girls. I made so many new friends and felt included from the get-go. The camp itself is very well structured. I enjoyed the mix of position-specific sessions in small groups, and team play in larger mixed groups, allowing us to get to know each other on and off the court. At VPC, I felt confident and encouraged by everyone to take the next step to be a better athlete and person.

Jaimie Pike

Halton Hurricane VBC

This summer was my first time ever at VPC and I'm really happy that I found out about this camp. I learned so much from the coaches and I felt like they were very supportive and encouraging. The heavy focus on position specific technique and instruction helped me solidify my skills as a setter. The real time feedback helped me to make immediate corrections to improve my game. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow as a setter and hope to be able to attend again next year!

Amanda Staley

Durham Attack VBC

This past summer I attended the VPC (Volleyball Position Camp) in London and I was working as a middle blocker. It was a great experience as I was able to meet many players from other places across Ontario. I stayed with two other players from my local team in residence, which was conveniently located across the street. We did many warmup and cool down drills which I found to be very helpful. I developed new skills for my position and was able to practise them and put them into play during game time. I was given the opportunity to get a lot of touches which helped me gain more confidence in my position. Players were given individual feedback on what to keep working on and how to improve these skills. I recommend this camp to other volleyball players as it was a fun and rewarding experience.

Zoe Toews

South County Bandits VBC

At my time at VPC, working as a middle, my coaches helped me develop and strengthen skills such as blocking, footwork, a bit of serving and attacking for different types of hits like slides, shoots and quicks. I had an amazing time and would definitely recommend VPC to all athletes who want to work in a friendly environment and improve on skills specific to their positions! 

Andrea Wang

Kingston Rock VBC

This was my first experience attending the VPC camp. It was an amazing week for me. I met so many new friends who shared similar interests to me both on and off the court and I learned and trained with some of the best instructors.   

Everyone was really helpful and really wanted to see me (and everyone) succeed and grow as an athlete. They really gave a personal touch throughout out the week and I knew they all really cared about me. 

I am a stronger middle blocker because of attending VPC and I can't wait to come back next summer. I truly learned so much. The scrimmage on the last day was also so fun and a highlight for me!! I also loved the volleyball specific workout plan they created. The high five award also meant a lot and I will take what I learned into my next season playing with Rapids!! I highly recommend attending VPC. Thanks for everything!!  

Jenna Vrolijk

Niagara Rapids VBC

VPC Parent Testimonials from 2022

Thank-you for the exceptional camp you ran in Ottawa. Your camp was extremely well organized, efficient, high-tempo and engaging. I knew my athlete was in good hands when you began with an emphasize on stretching and hydration. 

My daughter grew tremendously as a volleyball athlete and really loved being challenged by the advance tactics of the game you provided. You exposed another level of the game to her and she left loving the game even more. The small coach to player ratio made all the difference with your coaches never missing an opportunity to correct. The positive atmosphere your thoughtful coaches created was incredible. I wish I could share with you the huge smile and exciting energy she came home with each night after 4 hours of training with your team.

I loved how your camp brought together like-minded athletes from across the province and Canada, who were all driven and helped each other through all of the skills and drills. We are very much looking forward to seeing the athletes we met, throughout the season at Provincials and Nationals.

Thank-you for inspiring my daughter to keep training and to consider playing volleyball at a post-secondary school. She can’t wait to return to camp 2023!

Karolina Baker

Durham, ON

In northwestern Ontario, access to competitive volleyball is limited. Having my daughter travel from Thunder Bay Ontario to participate in the volleyball position camp was an opportunity for her to access exceptional training. The training staff not only ran drills, but went in-depth as to technique and purpose. What is most impressive is the camp wasn’t solely focused on the participants physical ability, but also put emphasis on the individuals confidence which in the long run will assist in all facets of life. While the travel was extensive, it was worth the adventure.

Travis Boissoneau

Thunder Bay, ON

My daughter had the privilege of attending the Volleyball Position Camp when it was held in Ottawa at the end of the summer. It was a great opportunity to not only have get some great coaching from outstanding (mostly female) instructors, but to have the director, one of Canada’s best coaches and former players, breaking down the skills in preparation for this year’s club season.  

While my daughter was the youngest athlete there, being in the mix of high-performance athletes in different age groups, was a great confidence booster as she spent a week focusing on a new position and felt like she was able to translate the lessons learned from her coaches’ drills quickly into her game play. Across the board, you could see the improvement when everyone came together in a tournament format after focusing on their positions over the week.      

The low coach to athlete ratio made the practices very intense, but my daughter enjoyed them and looked forward to each session. The drills and progressions were excellent, as was the organization and communication from the Program. Highly recommend the camp, and we’ll be back again for sure.  

Monic Buettner

Ottawa, ON

Volleyball Position Camp is run by a group of dedicated individuals who clearly love volleyball and love working with young athletes to develop their skills and help them to realize their potential. From the very beginning, through clear communication and encouraging the players to be supportive teammates, a positive environment was created that had the athlete's best experience in mind.

My daughter loved the experienced coaching staff. The coaches quickly made connections with the athletes and clearly enjoyed working with them. A special shoutout to Bonnie who really inspired my daughter, with focused and specific feedback to make setter-specific adjustments that really helped her develop her skills.

It was a great camp that kept players engaged and challenged, with various drills ranging from specific skills to practicing application in gameplay. Participants also had the chance to meet many athletes from around Ontario, creating new friendships.

I highly recommend VPC camp to others looking for that extra skill training.

Chris Delisle

Kingston, ON

This was my daughter first VPC and we were so impressed with the whole experience. The coaching staff was amazing and in addition to offering excellent skill development, the coaches were incredibly supportive, encouraging, and really connected with the girls.  My daughter loved it! 

Gail Lalonde

London, ON

VPC is an excellent volley ball camp with outstanding coaches. We found that the level of coaches ability to be professional & experienced. Hannah received exceptional coaching and guidance during her week long camp. Her volleyball skills, leadership & confidence has really improved. We definitely recommend this camp to all athletes if the opportunity presents itself.

Angele & Ryan Kirwan

North Bay, ON

Being in the game of volleyball for over 35 years as a player and coach, I sought out to look for amazing opportunities to better my kids experience in the game of volleyball. You all know, kids don’t listen as well to their parents so seeking professional coaching to help our own children grow in the game was a must for our family.  

Our experience with VPC was filled with nothing but of thanks and great memories. VPC is an outstanding volleyball camp lead by Leslie Irie and her wonderful coaching staff. VPC has been designed to not only focus on the proper skill development through high rep and well planned drills but they focus on Sport Science. One area they focus on is with respect to the mental aspect of the game by building up an athlete’s confidence and improving what we call their volleyball IQ.  

My eldest child attended the VPC setting camp prior to COVID and had glowing reviews of what he learned from the coaches including the Sport Science session and came home each day excited to attend the next day of camp. I had enrolled my middle child at VPC as it was a no brainer that I knew she would get the best training possible. Unfortunately, the pandemic disrupted that plan and my middle child missed out on some wonderful training opportunities.

This year, when things opened up, I immediately signed my youngest child up for VPC. She had an amazing time and felt she had improved her overall game in passing and digging. My youngest child now has more confidence in her game and this again is attributed to just a week of VPC training.  Thank you to Coach Leslie and her team of amazing coaches as I can say with confidence that VPC has positively shaped my kids volleyball careers.

At VPC, they understand the game of volleyball and more importantly how to teach it to young athletes through their training program. I highly recommend the VPC training program to all young athletes who want to take their game to the next level.

Siu On Wong

Richmond Hill, ON


VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2019

(Under each athlete testimonial is their respective 2018-2019 Club Team and/or Hometown)

This was my first VPC experience and it was awesome! The coaches and athletes were supportive and the feedback I received was very valuable. They were a group of knowledgeable coaches and what I learned I will take with me and utilize going forward. The coaches push you to do your best and show you new ways you can adjust your skill and make it even better. 

I look forward to attending another VPC in the future!

Jalen Arias

Durham Attack Volleyball Club

This was my first time attending VPC and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I really enjoyed my time there. The week seemed to go by very fast because each day was so fun! Both on-court and off-court sessions helped me get back into my athletic mindset after a few months away from volleyball but also helped me grow so much as a player! It was a very high-performance environment which helped all athletes to thrive! All coaches and athletes were super supportive and kind but also very hard working and focused! I will definitely be back next year, thanks for a great week VPC! :)

Abby Casselman

Durham Attack Volleyball Club

I’d like to say that by the end of the week I learnt so many new things about passing and Hitting that I had no idea were even a thing. I personally think that my coaches were AMAZING and not only did they make me a better left side they made the learning fun! It was worth every penny and because of you guys, I am getting lots of playing time this year! Anyway, just wanted to say that I loved my coaches and had a phenomenal week! Loved learning new things :) 

Marie Cerasuolo 

Aurora Storm Volleyball Club

This was my first year with VPC and it was such a valuable training opportunity. Since the camp offers position-based training I learned a lot about both strategy for my position and the coaches helped me to improve my technique by giving feedback every step of the way. I really enjoyed how the coaches found the optimal balance between perfecting basics for all positions such as passing and footwork, emphasizing technique for specific position skills such as blocking and transitioning to one’s position on the court and challenging players to try something outside their comfort zone such as jump-serving and trying another position. Another aspect of VPC that was super constructive is how the coaches provide practical advice about potential university volleyball, juggling academics and athletics, and working on the mental aspects of the game like resilience and attitude. I felt like VPC really helped me improve as a middle and an athlete and I’m excited to return next year.

Ella Chiang

Phoenix Volleyball

For the past two years, I have attended volleyball position camp because I wanted to get some reps and get better at my position. I left the camp with a lot of beneficial knowledge about being the best player I can be on and off the court. I got the chance to work with great coaches and athletes who really helped me get to where I am today. The camp has such a supportive and encouraging atmosphere which is one of the reasons why it’s one of the best camps I’ve been to. I hope to continue attending the camp in upcoming years.

Julia Crawford

Hamilton Smash Volleyball Club

This was my first year at the VPC summer positional camp. I had so much fun and learned so much in just one week!

During the week we spent time not only in the gym, but also in classroom sessions where we learned about different aspects of the game, including sports psychology and how to make the most out of training. In the gym, all of the coaches and players were really encouraging and the drills we did all had a clear purpose to help you improve various aspects of your game. It was great to be able to work with experienced coaches for position specific training.

I would definitely recommend VPC and look forward to returning again next summer!

Sadie Gilliland

Toronto, ON

When I first registered for VPC, I had no idea what to expect since this was my first year. I walked into the gym and expected fun times, great experiences and hard work, but at the end of the week I left with so much more! The coaching staff's knowledge of the game, the athletes, the in-class sessions, the drills, the warm ups and all of the other components, were above and beyond amazing.  

The main reason I signed up for VPC is that for the past 4 years I've been an outside hitter, but will be transitioning to the Libero position this upcoming year. I was hoping that this training camp would give me the tools I need to excel in this new position and my expectations were attained. My coaches were very thorough on explaining what I had to do as a Lib and what my role was on the court. Thanks to the remarkable coaching, feedback and coaching style, I learned so much and developed my skills to a whole other level in just one week of training. I mostly got to work with two Lib specialists, but I also got the chance to work with different position coaches and athletes with different perspectives and that input was just as great.  

As an athlete, I love pushing myself to my limits, but the coaches at VPC showed me that there are no limits, you can always improve something, all you need to do is set your mind to it, and it will happen. I’d wake up every morning and be so pumped to get another day started and wondered what would be our next creative warmup, perhaps another African American Dance?! This camp is a great way to develop your skills as an athlete and as teammate. Everyday, I left the gym with a feeling of satisfaction, from meeting new people, making new friends, working hard, getting reps in, working with amazing coaches, but most of all because I got to play volleyball, the sport I love!

I would 100% recommend VPC to anyone that wants to broaden their skills and mindset towards volleyball.

Thank you for a great week!

Natasha Grenier

Maverick Volleyball Club (15U)

My two years at VPC have been very beneficial to my technical skills and my understanding of the game. The classroom sessions are very helpful, and I learned things every day, on and off the court. The high intensity, great coaching, and the high standards that this camp offers makes for a rep-filled, fun week.

Kate Lamothe

Maverick Volleyball Club (16U)

This was my first time attending VPC and I was very impressed with the level of coaching. All the coaches had lots of credibility - from university through to professional experience, but more importantly, they were great at helping me improve my game. Getting into small groups with other girls who play the same position really helped me develop specific skills and they made it a competitive, but positive and fun experience. The level of play was really great too - the girls at VPC definitely have their sights set on playing at a higher level. Beyond the volleyball, I had a great time meeting so many new people!  

Mikayla McFarlane

Kingston Rock Volleyball Club

This was my first position camp where everyone who attended had a lot of club and play experience. A lot of camps are attended by kids who have only a little experience or even have never played volleyball before, so I really appreciated being with girls at or above my level. Even though we all have experience and have played for a few years now, I liked how volleyball-based it was, and that everyone was there to actually learn and play hard! I learned a lot about serve receive, and how to stay calm when the ball is coming towards you. But, the best part for me was being around players who all knew what it was like to play the libero position, and I got to learn from them as well as from the coaches. The coaches were all super supportive and great!! They gave me really good advice and also treated all of us like actual players and not just kids!

Emily Parsons

Sonics Volleyball Club

Nova Scotia

VPC was probably one of the best and most inspiring camps I've been to in my volleyball career. Not only were the coaches extremely helpful with fixing and improving skills but they were also very friendly and welcoming. I felt like I could talk to them about anything volleyball related or not. I learned so much from every coach during the week not just my positional coaches, who were also remarkable. My experience at VPC taught me so many new things about both the physical and mental aspects about the game of volleyball. I now know what steps I need to take to become the best player I can be. Overall, I would highly recommend this camp to anyone willing to grow as a player while also trying exciting new experiences.  

Abigail Scott 

Georgetown Impact

At VPC, I practiced skills that I don’t usually have time for. The coaches were very knowledgeable, communicated clearly and took the time with every girl. Being a mainly french speaking athlete, they made me comfortable quickly.

Being at VPC definitely helped my game and I will be back next year. How about a 2 weeks camp this time?

Thank you - see you next year,

Emma Wolszczan

Lynx Volleyball Club 


VPC Parent Testimonials from 2019

This was a wonderful, professional organization who display sportsmanship and respect and these are only few of the words I found to describe VPC this summer.

The diversity of a coach’s personality, their qualification, experience and maturity were remarkable. Their comments and direction were constructive, encouraging the girls to push themselves and to improve. I also found that the coaches were able to match the girls in balanced teams, taking into account their strength and their weakness when it was time to play games at the end of the week. I appreciated the time the girls were taking to stretch and warm up, which was guided and taught by an experienced physiotherapist and athlete. It appeared a simple thing to do, but by the end of the week, the girls were in better shape and not injured, given that one of them started the camp with a significant physical problem.

I truly enjoyed the table discussion regarding the post-secondary volleyball future as it also stimulated them to plan and guide their academic career.

When your children come back happy, energized and smiling from a camp and the following day of their return, they are asking to play volleyball that day, it tells us how great their camp experience was!

From the perspective of a mother who loves sports, 

Isabelle Ducharme

London, ON

VPC Camp was recommended to me by a fellow coaching colleague who highly recommended the Setting Camp. 

Coach Leslie led the Setting Camp herself. She was very experienced, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. She had a good balance of physical drills, and mental mindset sessions that helped the players think the setter's game at a higher level. 

Coaches are usually the hardest critics of other volleyball camps because of our high expectations. Leslie's VPC Camp was exactly what my son and his setter teammates needed - focussed, intense, methodical setter-specific drills to progress each player to the next level. Most coaches know the basics of setting, but only setting coaches know the subtle but important nuances that will truly change a setter's performance. Not only did my players walk away with impactful adjustments to their technical and mental abilities, but as a coach, I had many "Lightbulb -Ah Ha! moments" about setting.

I highly recommend Leslie and VPC's Setter's Camp. 

Mike Fuh

Markham, ON

VPC provides an amazing volleyball experience that has helped my daughter and her teammates develop their skills and their love of the sport. The coaches are truly amazing and they make this experience incredibly valuable for every athlete who attends. The planning, passion, knowledge and skill all of these coaches bring help each player grow from a skills perspective but also from a leadership and team perspective. Additionally, the players benefit from other professionals who work with them on their mental approach to the game and how to ensure they are properly caring for their body so they can perform to their optimal ability. If you are looking for an amazing camp to help your player step up their game, this is the place to be!

Brendon Harman

Georgetown, ON

Volleyball Position Camp has been a great experience for my daughter. This was her 2nd year attending and she obtains constructive feedback that she is able to take and place in her toolbox as the up coming season approaches.

The coaches are awesome and the programming is exceptional. Thanks Leslie and Team!

Lavaughn Joshua

Ajax, ON

VPC was the only camp our daughter wanted to participate in this summer. It was great for her to take advantage of position-focused reps with amazing coaches. The feedback and encouragement she received improved her game and made her want to work even harder. Thank you!

Julie Kim

Ottawa, ON

My daughter attended VPC this past summer on the recommendation of another parent/coach from Nova Scotia. I will be working on my Advanced Development level certification and was given permission to sit in and observe the daily sessions so that I could improve my own insights into coaching volleyball. I was impressed with how the camp was coordinated. Position players worked on a variety of individual skills throughout the week. Each day progressed from individual skills development to working on skills within a smaller group to team play. The coaches had all been elite level players and the camp’s player to coach ratio was 4:1, depending on position. And although VPC could accommodate more athletes, they choose quality over quantity. This allowed players to experience a high number of repetitions when practicing individual skills with immediate feedback from the coaching staff. Each day was designed to maximize player development. The participants worked very hard throughout the week with particular attention given to individual skill development. The classroom sessions targeted areas of off court development that a regular volleyball session often exclude. Nutrition, strength training, resilience development and post secondary volleyball opportunities were only some of the topics covered by the VPC staff. My daughter enjoyed the week and the experience of position focused training that the camp provided. I recommend the camp for any player interested in advancing their level of skill development and play. 

Neil MacLellan

Sydney, NS


VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2018

(Listed under each athlete's name is the Club Name for which she played in the 2017-2018 Indoor Club VB Season)

On the first day of camp you are assigned into groups for your main position that you usually play in and are introduced to the coaches that you will be working with for the rest of the week. Honestly, the coaches at this camp are phenomenal. They are patient, very positive, encouraging, motivational, fun to work with, and they give very helpful tips that will help you as an athlete and as a person. During the last day of camp, you get the opportunity of playing in a tournament with some other players in your camp, which is really fun. Overall this camp works a ton on team building, positional techniques, and discovering who you are as an athlete and I greatly encourage anyone who is interested to sign up. 

Eva Anderson

Unity Volleyball Club

Impactful, inspiring and incredible. These are just three words out of many that I could use to describe my experience at VPC. This was my first week at this camp and even though I had to drive 4 hours a day to be there, it was more than worth it. I will remember the memories and the effect it had on me and my setting for life.

All of the coaches and athletes were incredibly supportive and welcoming. During the week I met many accomplished, inspiring and supportive coaches and guests that really impacted both me and my volleyball skills. In my opinion, the time spent with my position specific coach Joely was the most effective. Not only has my setting improved tremendously but so has my self-esteem. The on-court training combined with the off-court sessions has turned me into a wiser, stronger and more confident athlete and leader. Thank-you VPC for everything you have done for me, I can’t wait until next year!

Brooklyn Burger-Jacobs


The coaches and athletes at VPC are what make the experience so enjoyable. They push you to work your absolute hardest and show you new ways of viewing the sport and skills. Meeting so many new coaches and girls teaches you so much about the sport and it is an incredible experience. 

Livia Collinson

Leaside Volleyball Club 

This was my first VPC and I loved it! It was a high-intensity environment that forced me to push myself. I came home tired each day but proud of myself for what I had learned. The coaches were great and provided good feedback on what I was doing on the court. I am definitely looking forward to returning next year.

Pascale Galarneau-Haley

Maverick Volleyball Club

I had a great experience at VPC!  At first I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Throughout the week, my position coach gave me very detailed and specific feedback that I really appreciated and truly considered when looking at my technique and thought process when playing. I saw a big difference not only in the technical aspect of my game but also in my strategy and reading abilities.Therefore, if you are interested in attending VPC my suggestion would be to come in with an open mind and be willing to receive important knowledge from all of the coaches. VPC is a very supportive place for athletes who have the determination and focus to get better and push themselves.

Maxim Langevin

Kingston Volleyball Club

This was my first year at VPC and felt it was a great opportunity for me! On the first day of camp, I felt welcomed and was excited to start working with the different coaches and athletes. The amount of dedication and effort that each coach brought to the camp, helped me grow as an athlete and a person. This camp gave you all the aspects of becoming a great volleyball player. Even though you come to this camp to work on specific skills, you still have the opportunity to meet new people and work outside your position and learn new skills. This camp made you feel like you were a part of something much bigger. I really enjoyed my time at VPC and would definitely go again next year to improve my positioning skills and to just have fun playing the sport I love.    

Maya Palazzi

Aurora Storm VB Club

The Volleyball Position Camp helped give me a kick start back into indoor volleyball. The coaching was phenomenal. Not only did the coaches assist us with our current skills, but they also helped prepare us for the future of our volleyball careers. The camp also gave us insight and tips to work on for different positions. Overall, I believe that this camp gave me lots of exposure and helped me improve tremendously for the upcoming indoor season.

Dhivya Shirley

Pakmen Volleyball Club

I have so many amazing things to say about the Volleyball Position Camp. First of all was the great amount of one on one time I received with the coaches. The coaches were all National level elite coaches/players trained in specific positions to help me improve my skills as a libero. Second was the help I received in transitioning from a setter into the libero position. At the recommendation of one of our club coaches, I decided to come to VPC to learn as much as possible about being a good libero. This was extremely nerve-wracking but the fellow coaches and teammates were so understanding and patient. They helped me feel comfortable right from the beginning and built my confidence as the week went by. Lastly was the calibre of talent that attended this camp. EVERYONE could play. High performers attend this camp and become your friends and teammates for the week. We worked together in small groups to improve our performance at each of the different positions. I saw a drastic improvement in all the players abilities throughout the week. 

Mikayla Stocks

South County Volleyball Club

VPC Parent Testimonials from 2018

My daughters have been fortunate to take part in the VPC for the past two years. They rave about how much they learn in one short week. They are given an opportunity to develop their skills and feel much more confident as a result. The instruction they receive is always top notch!

I highly recommend VPC as It is a fabulous start to the indoor volleyball season!

Margot Denomme

Toronto, ON

Each summer our daughter Ava looks for a volleyball camp that is sure to challenge her and improve her game. Volleyball Position Camp came highly recommended to us on multiple occasions and we are highly recommending it others. Ava attended VPC at Humber College this past summer. She participated as an outside hitter. Leslie and her coaching staff were outstanding! A group of extremely talented, experienced, knowledgeable and welcoming coaches! Ava’s results were fabulous! Her back row attacking skills skyrocketed! Ava made many new friendships with a number of girls throughout the Province. She looks forward to seeing them again in the upcoming season. 

Thanks again to all the amazing coaches! Looking forward to VPC 2019!

Amy and Graham Ebert

London, ON

Volleyball Position Camp (VPC) has been a great experience for both our daughters over the years. Leslie and her team of coaches create an outstanding program that allows girls to specialize and take their volleyball to the next level. The program is well organized and balanced with a great pace plus the positive influence that motivates and inspires the girls is excellent. A volleyball camp like no other!

Jane Elliott

Dubai, UAE

My daughter took part in two VPC camps this summer and although she did not know anyone at either camp, she was made to feel welcome immediately. She gained confidence and a high level of skill development in a short time with excellent coaches providing one on one constructive feedback.

Lori Endes

Toronto, ON

VPC helps so many athletes prepare themselves to reach their goals. I especially found the presentation with university student-athletes and the coaches excellent. It gave great information on how to prepare those who want to play at the university level. I absolutely love it and recommended it to many parents at our club – VPC is a great program and it helped Sullie greatly.

Kham Sundara

Kanata, ON

This was the second year for Adea to attend VPC. We want to let you know how pleased we were at the experience our daughter had practicing and playing with VPC. It's an excellent camp for volleyball players, it teaches and refines the skill set. The camp follows the LTAD model and the athletes receive advanced coaching in both position specific training and team play situations. VPC director Leslie and her crew are doing a great job working with these elite athletes. Leslie is positive , encouraging and really cares about how girls feel about themselves. Adea came out feeling great. We would definitely recommend this camp to anyone who wants to improve their skills. Thank you coach Leslie and VPC crew.

Sofie & Arber Zaplluzha

Ottawa, ON


VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2017

(Listed under each athlete's name is the Club Name for which she played in the 2016-2017 Indoor Club VB Season)

After a year playing volleyball back in 2015, my coach told me about the VPC camps and said that there was an opening spot in the setter camp at Humber. So I packed my bags and went to Toronto to play at the camp. 

My week was so amazing that I wanted to attend this summer's camp as well. I improved tremendously throughout the week and I noticed my confidence grow greatly as well as my skills in all aspects of my game play.  The coaches provide a high intensity work environment for athletes looking for an elite environment in the off-season. They take each athlete's progress and improvement incredibly seriously and ensure that you improve your skills on the court and your mental strength off the court. 

Not only are the coaches amazing teachers, but they are an incredible support to all their athletes and I am incredibly grateful to be part of such an amazing community. I will definitely be back next year! 

Regan Ashe

Maverick Volleyball Club

Volleyball Position Camp was such a great experience that helped me grow as a player and a person.  The coaches were all very experienced and everyone there loved the sport.  I would definitely recommend this camp to other players.

Mackenzie Campbell

Pegasus Volleyball Club

This past summer of 2017 was my first year attending VPC, it was exciting and a welcoming environment as Leslie introduced us to our position coaches and the unique daily plans. Leslie made the camp an energetic and competitive place. The energy was positive and everyone was open to learning new skills. 

VPC made me a stronger athlete not only skill wise but mentally.  At VPC I played Libero and Coach Becky taught me to take leadership in the back row along with improving my reaction time.  This camp helped me prepare and feel confident in approaching a new season. I gained lots of knowledge from VPC and I am excited to return next summer. I especially recommend this camp for any athletes that are looking to play post-secondary as the camp gives you information as to what your next steps will be. 

Overall it was a great experience!

Julia Capone

Pakmen Volleyball Club

This was my second year attending VPC and I can’t wait to go back next summer!  I travelled from London, ON to Ottawa, ON to participate in this camp as a Libero. This camp is the best camp I have attended, not only did I learn specific skills and techniques for on the court but for off the court as well.  We had amazing guests come in and teach us about proper stretching and mental toughness. All the coaches were very helpful, encouraging and made us work hard.  This camp has helped me achieve my goals and gave me the edge to receive an offer on my city A team. The VPC camp and it’s amazing staff have taught me to work hard and persevere.

Lillie Demelo


This was my first year at VPC and I had a great experience.  At VPC you can feel the passion for volleyball from the coaches, and that they genuinely want you to develop as a player on and off the court.  

We were able to practice position specific skills that you wouldn’t normally be able to practice with your whole team.  Also, at VPC we were given opportunities to combine our new skills with other positions, furthering our growth as players.  

I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone who wants to greatly improve their skills.

Laura Flannigan

Storm Monsoon

My experience at Volleyball Position Camp this summer was amazing!  I would definitely say it was one of the best camps I have ever been to. "Position specific" is an excellent way to really work on YOUR particular volleyball position skills because there were small groups with very experienced coaches allowing for many reps and immediate feedback and helpful tips. I really enjoyed learning from the many different drills and playing alongside all the other high level players that wanted to improve their skills as well. I made some really great friends from all over Ontario and other provinces too! 

The classroom/ gym sessions where the guest speakers provided lessons on strength and conditioning and sport psychology were very informative.  I also liked learning about all the camp coaches post secondary experiences in Volleyball and especially from Shanice Marcelle about her journey from high school volleyball to "Team Canada". It was so interesting to hear, to help me with my own decisions for my future volleyball path.

Finally, I would like to thank Leslie and the rest of the coaches for making this week filled with amazing memories and I hope to return again next summer!

Logan Garvey

Mountain Volleyball Club

My week at VPC was definitely the volleyball highlight of my summer! On the first day, the welcome was so warm I already felt like I knew everyone!  The coaches were so nice and worked us hard, hard, hard.  All the drills and every little thing we did I made sure to take in and absorb – and it stuck like glue.  From a drill on the court to the classroom session, I learned something new every time I entered that building.  I also learned from the feedback on my report card and the one-on-one coach feedback, all of which I feel will help me to become a better volleyball player.  The coaches were always positive and full of energy – you could tell that all of the athletes were happy to be playing volleyball with these happy, exciting coaches.  I made some new friends whom I hope to stay in touch with and maybe play against this season!  Overall, I had an awesome week, made lots of great memories and, mort importantly, learned how to improve my volleyball skills!  Thank you Coach Leslie and the VPC Crew!

Sammie Gibson 

LVC 15U Intensity 

VPC is definitely the best volleyball camp I've ever attended. What makes VPC stand out for me is the outstanding coaches us players get to work with each year. They all provide amazing specific and personal feedback to help improve your skills not only short term but long term as well. Each year I've attended I've learned something new to improve my game. Another thing that I appreciate about VPC is that they address the mental and emotional aspect of the sport too, giving us even more tools to succeed. I am very much looking forward to attending again next year!

Michaela Jones

Maverick Volleyball Club

VPC Parent Testimonials from 2017

Volleyball Position Camp would be one I strongly recommend to young athletes looking to develop and improve their skills as well as their mental game.  The coaches were exceptional in relating to some of the challenges the girls faced and shared stories of their own challenges throughout their years of training.  This game is not only physically demanding, it is important to have the right mental attitude also. The guest speakers were also very well selected and the topics were those that our young athletes could relate to. This is definitely a camp you do not want to pass on; I highly recommend it. 

My daughter is looking forward to going back next year. 

Jo-Ann Gauthier

Newtonville, Ontario

Our daughter, Olivia recently attended the VPC camp in Ottawa and we all felt it was time very well spent. Olivia has participated in several High Performance Camps in recent summers, but VPC offered her the opportunity to specialize in one position. She participated in the setter training where she was given a great deal of personal attention because the groups are small and the reps are numerous. Very little time was wasted during this camp as the days were well organized by the professional and inspirational VPC staff.  Instruction from current and past players made Olivia feel motivated to improve and the coaches challenged her to push beyond her own expectations.  Every good thing we had heard about Leslie and VPC was proven true and we plan to enrol Olivia (and her sister) again.  We were all delighted with Olivia’s progress and we are anxious to see her put these skills in motion on the court.

Allison and Dave Haley 

Cornwall, ON

Our daughter was a first time participant at the VPC this summer. For 5 days, your team of coaches gave their time to share their knowledge of the game and talk about their life experiences at different levels of competition. This maybe, to ignite in some girls the passion for the game of volleyball even more and in return make them reach for their goals and maybe their own dreams by aiming for what they thought was unattainable. 

To all you ladies we say:  "Thank You!"

For the next wave of newcomers, you will experience camaraderie at its best!

Sylvie Jolie

Cumberland, ON

When it comes to our kids’ interests we believe “feed the passion” applies.

We’ve been fortunate for our daughter Madeleine to find something that she is passionate about, and VPC was the right place to learn, practice and be tested to her limits.  VPC raised the bar for camps we’ve experienced thus far and Maddy’s excitement for the season can hardly be contained – she is full of optimism, enthusiasm, and chomping at the bit to show what she has learned.

We were impressed with Leslie and the instructors at the Humber and Ottawa camps.  There was an atmosphere of mentorship that cultivates a personal interest in each player, also keeping the players invested in learning and working as hard as they can to find their limits - and grow. There was some great skill present at the camp and it contributed to a higher intensity environment to train in, and made for some exciting volleyball at times!

Maddy has been to a number of camps in the past year and she thoroughly enjoyed her time at VPC this summer and we will be back.

Aaron & Anne Lutes

Barrie, ON

VPC has been one of the most positive experiences for my daughter in volleyball. The ability to spend the whole morning doing position specific drills with other middles was very valuable. In the afternoon they put the skills they learned into action in game play. The classroom discussion on mindset and how to recover from mistakes was very valuable especially for teenage girls. At the first round of tryouts this September my daughter was asked by her teammates. “What did you do, and how did you get so good?”

Coach Adam Simac made a dramatic impression on my daughter. He gave her confidence to push herself and the skills to recover from errors. My daughter often rereads her coaches feedback forms that are provided during the camp. I noticed the overall improvement in passing, setting and serving.  

Will definitely be back for another two weeks next year.

Tracey McLean

Toronto, ON

Our daughter Kate attended the volleyball position camp this summer, and the experience was awesome!  Not only was the venue extremely well organized and well thought out, the coaching staff was “second to none!”  The coaches were professional, experienced and really understood how to motivate and nurture female teenage volleyball players.  The coaches’ ability to engage the players through position specific skills coupled with their incredible high level experience, all contributed to the success of the week.  The camp was very well rounded.  The players were engaged in volleyball skills, drills and physical training, as well as receiving vital information on the important topics of health, mental and physical well being.  

Thanks again to your entire team!  We highly recommend this camp. 


Mary and Erik Prieditis

Brampton, Ontario


VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2016

(Listed under each athlete's name is the Club Name for which she played in the 2015-2016 Indoor Club VB Season)

I came out from Calgary to attend this camp after hearing some amazing things about it. It ended up being even better than expected! I received specific personal feedback from amazing coaches that will help me bring my game to the next level. I also met and played with great players from all over the country. I would recommend this camp to any player who strives to improve their game. They will not be disappointed!

Steph Bernier

Junior Dino Women’s Volleyball Club

My week at VPC was exceptional. The lessons were so in depth, and the coaches were amazing! The types of drills and activities we did throughout the week helped with all aspects of volleyball. The physical, mental, as well as emotional parts of volleyball were all thoroughly addressed. I have been to many other structured volleyball camps but this is by far the best one! As a rep player, VPC surely helped my skills and I feel more confident going into the next season! 

Carina Brooks

Peel Selects Volleyball Club

This year was my first time attending VPC and I loved it. I live in Toronto but the camp filled up quickly. I have a cottage in eastern Ontario so I took the opportunity to try something different and signed up for VPC in Ottawa.

On our first day Leslie gave a welcoming introduction to the coaches and all the girls. She made us feel comfortable, positive and excited to get started. All the coaches work very hard focusing on our specific positions but it was also great practicing and working with other positions and getting feedback from their coaches as well.

VPC wasn’t just about technical skills; we also had a chance to learn about physical and mental toughness, proper stretching and even a university guest speaker to get us thinking long term where we might aim to achieve. All of these skills will be an asset to me as an athlete and will help improve me as a player.

I am definitely excited to return to VPC next summer.

Kate Marr

Leaside Volleyball Club

VPC has to be the best volleyball camp I've ever attended throughout the years! This camp is a volleyball experience that works wonders on both the technical and tactical side of the game. Some camps tend to have a lower level of difficulty to keep it on the fun side but VPC has a great way of being able to make players play at a high intensity, while keeping a great atmosphere.

Every year, the coaching staff is excellent and very qualified in order to help us achieve our goals. They are the reason every girl visibly progresses from Monday to Friday, due to their tips, video analysis and many other tricks to help us. It might only be one week but so much area is covered that it's a year’s worth of wonderful knowledge.

All in all this was an amazing camp and I would definitely go back for a third time!

Anny Samake

Maverick Volleyball Club

VPC is an extraordinary camp and a great experience for anyone looking to improve their skills. At VPC I not only bettered my basic skills, I learned how to transition them into game situations as well. VPC teaches the importance of confidence, teamwork and health! The coaches are very knowledgeable and genuinely want to help you better yourself. Each coach brings different things to the table, and that's part of what makes VPC so special. I learned many things from each and every one of them, even if they weren't my group's leader. I would recommend this camp to anyone looking to get better! If you're willing to work hard, there is a great deal you can learn from these experienced coaches.

Madelin Stueck

Barrie Elites Volleyball Club

VPC Parent Testimonials from 2016

Our daughter has attended VPC Ottawa for the past two years and it is her favorite volleyball camp. She appreciates the advanced level of instruction provided and the opportunity to train with like-minded athletes. The fact that current varsity-level players are part of the coaching staff is a big plus in our mind, as it provides role models she can relate to and insights into what it means to be a student-athlete at the university level. We also appreciate the genuine interest that Leslie and her staff show towards the players. For example, at last year’s provincial championships, Leslie was in attendance and made a point to stop by and speak to our daughter after watching her play. I would certainly recommend VPC to any parent who wants to provide their teen with an enriching volleyball experience.

Sophie Galarneau and Steve Harvey

Ottawa, Ontario

I took my daughter Jaida to the VPC Volleyball positioning camp on August 15-19, 2016. The camp was highly recommended by my daughter’s coach. I can truly say that the camp lived up to all my expectations. 

My daughter went to further her skills as a Middle blocker. The camp not only focused on technical skills but also, on the mental aspect of the game and teaching them how to be a strategic player.

I was very impressed with how the coaches were able to tweak a bad habit and correct them by demonstrating the correct techniques. The camp leaders were former university coaches, active players, and former national team players.  They were extremely approvable, professional, and knowledgeable which made my daughter eager to work to better her skills. 

The time spent preparing the girls on post-secondary volleyball was very informative. The focus of that session was informing the players on scholarships and how to go about picking the correct schools to suit their post-secondary education. As well, they touched on academic and athletic aspects one should consider whether it’s the USA or Canada.

My daughter definitely benefited from the camp. VPC delivers an environment of high performance and high impact with long lasting effects on the student athletes. I recommend this camp to every volleyball athlete trying to take their skills to the “next level”.

Michelle Howell

Whitby, Ontario

My daughter and I travelled from Cape Breton to attend the camp in Ottawa in early August. Before leaving home I asked if it would be OK to observe some of the sessions to help with my own coaching. Leslie Irie was very accommodating and allowed me the opportunity to sit in on any sessions I was able to attend. For this reason I feel that I have better insight into the quality of the camp then most parents would. I found the camp was extremely well organized and very well planned. The player to coach ratio was very low in the 4:1, 5:1 range for most positions. It is my belief that these camps are only as good as the instructors and at VPC they were of very high quality. Players were broken into their chosen position where they were supported by 2 quality coaches. They spent a great deal of time working on basic fundamental skills with nice progressions and excellent error correction. There was also a good balance between position specific instruction and whole group instruction. The week ended with a Friday afternoon tournament where the players competed at a very high level. My daughter very much enjoyed the camp and felt that she left a better player. Overall I was very impressed with all aspects of the camp and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

James Mclellan

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

My daughter had a great week at VPC in August at Humber College. Brianna was excited for the opportunity to focus on her skills as a middle. VPC not only focused on position specific drills but they also had sessions on mental training, the importance of health and nutrition, strength and conditioning and ended the week with a fun tournament. Brianna received a 'High Five' award in recognition for the things she did well but the coaches also provided a written evaluation so she knew what to continue working on in preparation for next seasons tryouts. As a parent, I feel VPC helps athletes acquire the skills both physically and mentally to be a well rounded player. Thanks again Leslie and coaches for an awesome week!

Joann Sterling

Brooklin, Ontario

Our daughter Sasha attended VPC for the last two years. VPC is so well run and on both occasions the experiences were phenomenal and significantly helped her development. Like last year, this year had excellent coaching with National team players and University level coaches providing position-specific training. The atmosphere in the gym was focused and the intensity high; yet, the girls were having a great time. It was clear the athletes present were focused on learning and developing and the camp provided that in spades. Added to the skills training were talks on nutrition, volleyball career development [playing at University, etc.], and strength and conditioning sessions that provided extra information valuable to developing athletes. Overall VPC (and Leslie) has significantly contributed to Sasha's development and we are eternally grateful. I HIGHLY recommend this camp without reservation; this was a good investment for us!

George Van der Merwe

Guelph, Ontario


VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2015

(Listed under each athlete's name is the Club Name for which she played in the 2014-2015 Indoor Club VB Season)

The VPC camp was one of the highlights of my summer. The camp has amazing coaches, who help you take your skills to the next level. The coaches taught me how to open up to the setter so I can hit with more power.  This has greatly improved my game.  The camp has a positive atmosphere, which is very helpful for learning a new skill or working as a team.  VPC also provides players with a mental toughness lesson that helped my game a ton. I would like to thank all of the amazing coaches and I can't wait for next year!!

Cassidy Andrews

Guelph Grizzlies VC

My two weeks at VPC were the most fun I had all summer!  These were also the two weeks that my skills improved the most of a summer filled with camps. VPC is such a great and successful camp because you get to choose the skills or position you want to improve on.   Even though it is a position specific camp, the coaches also gave me feedback and helped me to improve on other skills I wanted to target outside of the one position I selected.  As a younger player I've played as power, middle and setter and I want to remain strong in specific skills.  

The classroom sessions were very helpful.  The first week I attended camp, the guest speaker talked about "Mental Toughness" on and off the court.   Being a 14U player, this is a skill I felt I needed to work on.  The second week the session provided us with great information about post-secondary volleyball opportunities, scholarships and balancing academics with sports.  Even though its a few years away for me, it was still great information to help me think ahead to plan my future. 

My favorite part of the week at VPC was getting feedback through the report card from my coach at the end of the week.  I love finding new things to improve on to make me a stronger player.  If you are thinking about coming to VPC, you should definitely make it part of your summer.  It was such a great learning experience, and I'm excited to go back for years to come! 

Maddy Craig

London Volleyball Club

VPC help me to specialize my skills as a Libero, the amazing coaches are always there to show you some new techniques and correct you! Best camp to improve your technical skills! 

Magalie Frappier 

Maverick Volleyball

VPC is an amazing volleyball camp. I learned so much from all of the coaches and the girls were terrific! The coaches are very experienced and extremely helpful in all things on the court, and off. I learned so much in just a small period of time. The positional training was outstanding as well as the team play. 

Another great and unique thing that sets VPC apart from all other volleyball camps, is the guest speakers and classroom sessions. We learned about foam rolling, proper stretching, mental toughness, and much more! 

All of the coaches helped me in every area of my game. From digging, to hitting, serving, to blocking, every thing I learned will definitely bring my game to the next level.

Overall VPC was an amazing experience and I would definitely go back!

Katelyn Grasman

Forest City Volleyball Club

VPC is such an amazing experience! This was my second year at the Ottawa camp. VPC provides a competitive and positive environment where you can hugely improve your on-court skills and also learn mental skills to help you reach your highest potential. The coaches are all very experienced, enthusiastic and they are extremely inspiring. At VPC, we are given the opportunity to meet other players from other clubs across Canada! There is such a wide range of skill level that there are always players from whom you can learn. VPC always gave me the knowledge to advance my skills and confidence to bring with me into the new season. I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone who is passionate about becoming a better volleyball player.

Emily Sandre

Fusion Volleyball Club

VPC was an amazing experience for me and I would do it all again in a heart beat! It had a great atmosphere and learning environment. You also got to work on your specific element (mine was setting) with a well educated and experienced coach but, often we did drills with other coaches and players, and there all the coaches gave you tips, plus you got to meet new people! Everyone at the camp is there to learn and everyone gives 100% all the time. A big thanks to all the coaches who made my experience amazing, and especially Pam, my position coach, and Leslie for organizing the camp! I'm so fortunate that I had this opportunity! I will definitely be returning next year!

Karolyn Yee

Northumberland Breakers Volleyball Club

VPC Parent Testimonials from 2015

Wow! What a great camp! My daughter Hannah went to many camps for many different sports over the years, but nothing compares to the VPC. The coaches were awesome with great knowledge and enthusiasm. The coaches were former and present day University coaches, former CIS all stars and even former National Team members. They were truly experts in their positions.

The atmosphere was perfect for girls that wanted to learn and become better players, while still having a blast doing it. The camp for advanced players was a great option for girls that really wanted to compete at a higher level.

As an added feature the off court sessions were very valuable. They included fitness, nutrition, mental toughness and playing post secondary volleyball in Canada and in the USA.

My daughter will definitly return next year and I highly recommend the VPC for anyone who wants to get better and compete.

Mark Bellai

Guelph, ON

VPC gave my daughter the opportunity to focus on position specific skills and drills with experienced coaches while also nurturing her mental game.   It was a great week mid-summer to start thinking about the upcoming season as well as exposure to the commitment required to play at post-secondary level. 

Robin Butler

Ottawa Canada

Making the transition from a sport one is proficient in to one you wish to develop further can be a challenge mentally and physically especially during adolescence.  This past summer my daughter took up such a challenge leaving hockey behind for volleyball with the VPC camp program.  VPC coaches demonstrated an outstanding level of expertise whether it was simple as encouragement or complex as specific technical skill feedback.  Of particular significance was a short discussion of the role of the brain and psychology in sports.  My daughter is now equipped with the confidence and skill to meet the challenges of a new sport.


Ottawa, ON

My daughter has attended Volleyball Position Camp for the past two years, and really enjoys it. It prepares her so well for the upcoming volleyball season, and allows her to work on individual skills that she wouldn’t otherwise be able to practise, in a team setting.  Jaimie always looks forward to her week at VPC, and her time working with Leslie and the rest of the VPC coaches.

Julie Rao

Toronto, ON

We took our daughter to Toronto to attend the VPC Camp with the objective of providing Ashley with a different perspective to improving her skills as a setter. The VPC approach was true to its billing. The setters were grouped together right from day 1 and received training from well qualified coaches. The program was one of progression which ensures players receive and/or are refreshed on the basics which forms the foundation to build on.  Players progress and get a chance to integrate their learnings with the other positional players. The course also included teachings on becoming a complete athlete with sessions on Nutrition and Sports Psychology.  The staff included Coaches who themselves have been through programs at the national levels. VPC is a very well organized and a well thought out program that delivers.

Doug & Sherry Yuen

Windsor, ON


ICYMI: Émie Gaboury

* Currently finishing her 2nd year with Laval's Rouge et Or* Selected to the 2017-2018 RSEQ All-Star (2nd Team)

August 10, 2015

Today, Émie stopped by to help the VPC athletes who are participating in the Ottawa Camp. Émie is one of six current and/or former VPC athletes who made either the Junior or Youth National Women's Volleyball Team this summer.

Here's what Émie had to say regarding VPC's role in her development: "let me first start by saying that VPC truly guided me towards taking the first steps into becoming an elite athlete. Back in 2013 when I participated in the camp, I was a 15U girl that loved playing volleyball and wanted to take my game to the next level but didn't quite know how to do it. VPC taught me to take care of details on and off the court. During the course of the week, coaches went through every aspect of the game, from nutrition, recovery, managing school work load as an athlete to position specific on the court. I learned to embrace the technical side of the game and have a purpose behind every action as I had the opportunity to have a huge amount of reps over the course of the camp. All the feedback and knowledge I acquired at the camp truly helped me since"

Congratulations Émie, Vanessa, Courtney, Jaimie, Rachel and Alina - VPC is proud of all of you!

VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2014

(Listed under each athlete's name is the Club Name for which she played in the 2013-2014 Indoor Club VB Season)

VPC Calgary 2014

I attended the VPC volleyball camp, as a middle player, in the summer of 2014, which was held in Calgary, Alberta. I highly suggest this camp for players looking to improve their skills in all aspects of the game. VPC focuses not only on a particular positional play but also on rehabilitation and the attitudes of all players. The coaches at this camp are very well experienced, knowledgeable, and overall smart, talented players. I saw major improvements in my physical fitness, as well as passing, hitting, serving, and blocking. I recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in learning the game, whether you are a beginner or a player looking to improve your skills. 

Carley Doneff


Medicine Hat, AB

This camp was spectacular! I felt I improved so much over the small amount of time we had. What I was most impressed with was the quality of coaches. When I entered the program I never expected to be instructed by such understanding coaches who've had such a passion for the sport since they we're my age. I especially did not think I would be getting one on one tips from a former Olympic athlete! Every drill had the perfect balance of pushing yourself to be better, helping in all aspects of volleyball and still remained extremely fun. This camp doesn't just focus on your skills, it gives you an opportunity to focus on everything in the sport. The little courses in the camp let you work on your mental strategy, your personal workouts, even how to recover from errors during the play. It was great to play with such a high level of volley ball players, I even met some girls that I'll have friendships with for the rest of my life. I will definitely be returning to this camp next year, and for many more years to come!

Reegan Downer,

Rocky Mountain Volleyball Club

Canmore, Alberta

This was my first year participating in VPC. My expectations were minimal as I had never heard of this camp before. Within the camp I learned new skills and tricks specifically for my position (setting) that I had not been taught yet. It was a great experience that I would do all over again.

Mackenzie Huddleston

Queen’s Extreme 

Red Deer, AB

VPC was a phenomenal experience. I found that I improved a great deal over the course of only one week, especially in my position. Because the groups were kept small, the coaches were able to give each of us detailed feedback on what we need to work on. The camp balanced working not only on your position but with game play, tactics and all other aspects of volleyball. The coaching staff was incredible; each coach with an impressive background of playing and coaching high level volleyball. I would definitely recommend VPC to anyone looking to improve! 

Dora Komlodi

Junior Dino Women’s Volleyball Club 

Calgary, AB

VPC Ottawa 2014

At the Ottawa positioning camp I was given a new perspective on my technique as a power hitter and my blocking improved due to the wonderful coaches. As well, my cut shots improved in tight situational sets. I thank the coaches and the head of the facility for making this great opportunity possible for all highly trained athletes. I will look forward to attending the camp next summer to diversify my skills as an all round athlete..I’m very grateful!

Breanna Golding

Leaside Volleyball Club

The VPC was a great camp! The atmosphere was always very positive and welcoming and all of the campers were very nice. The coaches were very knowledgeable and always pushed you to do your best. If you had any questions, they were always more than willing and able to help as they had once played in those specific positions. The facilities were beautiful and there were lots of places to eat lunch. I personally learned a tremendous amount when I was there as I found that I received more personalized advice from the coaches due to the smaller groups. I went as a middle and learned how to hit many different balls such as 91s, 51s, and 31s. I also received pointers on my passing and I learned how to do a jump float serve while I was there. I would recommend this camp to anyone who is looking to improve their skills and play a high level of volleyball!

Rachael Grove

Durham Regional Volleyball Club (DRVC)

VPC is the best training camp I have ever attended.  We drove all the way from Toronto to Ottawa just to be a part of it. Leslie and the other coaches put so much thought and care into providing an experience that would help us improve our physical game as well as our mental/emotional game. The coaches were high skilled, helpful and lots of fun. I learned a lot from them and I really enjoyed the chance to be videotaped while playing so I could sit down with them afterwards to see what I was doing that works and what I can improve on. But what I appreciated the most was that they and the guest speakers taught us to take care of ourselves as athletes, as students and as people as we make choices and move forward in volleyball and into post-secondary education. Thank you for such a great experience! High five, 

Angela Henein

Georgetown Impact

VPC was one of the highlights of my summer. I wanted to go to Ottawa, because my coach told me it would be worth the trip. I was a little nervous about going because my coach told me it was very intense, and that I should work out to get ready. Travelling so far for a camp also made me skeptical, but it was 100% worth the drive. The camp was definitely physically challenging…we worked hard every day. The coaches pushed us to improve our skills on the court, but they also challenged us to think about what we wanted from volleyball, and where we wanted to go with it. We were given tools to use when it came time to think about what school we wanted to go to, and reminded us that it wasn’t only about volleyball, but also about our education. They were supportive on the court as volleyball coaches and off the court as life coaches.  All of them were open to answering our questions and help us grow in the process. I left camp feeling more confident both on and off the court.

Lexi Nieman, 

Forest City Volleyball Club

London, ON

VPC was an amazing experience and is one of my favorite camps that I have attended post season to date.The atmosphere of the camp was a perfect blend of competitiveness and the willingness to learn. I gained so much more knowledge about all aspects of the game. Whether it was technical or tactical, every coach was able to help.  Performing at this camp was easy because expectations were always clear. The level of play of all of the volleyball players truly showed the best Ontario volleyball has to offer and created a great environment to learn and grow as an athlete. At the end of the week I left with more enhanced skills and a new found passion for the game. Being in position specific groups, it allowed extra reps and the ratio of coach to athlete was perfect and everyone got a lot of attention. The information provided at the camp about all aspects of the game, specifically post secondary volleyball, was much appreciated and opened my eyes to see my volleyball career in the long term. The part that was truly the most fun was that after we finished our position specific training we would go into team play to try out our new skills. It was great to be able to interact with the other athletes from all across Ontario and enjoy some friendly competition in a positive learning environment. If the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely be returning to the camp in the future.

Maiyah Russell

Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club

This was my first time attending VPC and I’m glad I did. The coaching staff was top notch and the camp ran perfectly. The coaches had high expertise and I was able to learn so much about not just my position but how to put it all together in game situation also. I liked the atmosphere of the camp with all the drills and games. It was also a good experience to practice with lots of athletes who came from clubs outside my city.  

Kira Taylor

Maverick Volleyball Club

Ottawa, ON

VPC Toronto 2014

I would like to give a big thanks to Leslie for making VPC a great volleyball experience. Training with VPC for 2 weeks gave me a very good understanding and better awareness of my position. I felt that I really improved my positional skills because they could focus on you as an individual and also while doing team play.  

What I found was a great addition to the camp was the Guest speakers who talked about being an athlete of this sport in University, how to avoid injuries and off the court mental strategies. Having played with older players most of the time, this part of the camp was very beneficial, I will be able to take this knowledge and apply to the present and to save for the future.  

Overall I thought that the camp had an amazing welcoming Vibe that came from the coaches, the athletes and the environment. 

Nya Jones

Guelph Grizzlies Volleyball Club

This summer was my first time attending VPC camp in Toronto at Humber College. It was a truly exceptional experience. 

VPC provided me with the opportunity to meet some exceptional female coaches. At the end of the week they gave me an overview of my skills and areas of focus which will assist in my development. This is something that I have not experienced at any other volleyball camp. 

At VPC they provided a very positive learning environment; coaches gave positive feedback as well as awards of recognition that acknowledged outstanding effort; attitude; leadership and/or performance. I also enjoyed working with high level players that could push my game to the next level.

Thank you Leslie - I will definitely return next year!"

Sacha Lund

Phoenix Volleyball Club

Toronto, ON

The Volleyball Position Camp was a great experience. From Day 1 the camp was well-organized, hard work and a ton of fun! The expert instructors at the camp took their time to teach us proper technique and correct our mistakes and pushed me to become a better volleyball player. After participating in the VPC I know my skills improved and can't wait to participate again next year! 

Madison Stillman, 

Peterborough Thunder Volleyball Club


This camp was such a great experience for me. The coaching was unbelievable and I learned so much about playing middle in just one week. The high-level coaches provided one on one tips to help me develop new habits and make my game better. They gave lots of feedback to help me see my own improvement. For example, as a middle, Coach Leslie and Coach Pam taught me how to anticipate where the set is going by watching the setter’s body and hand position. Each morning, there was a classroom session that let the athletes see a different aspect of volleyball whether it be mental training or a coaches panel informing you about university or college choices for the future. I loved the exposure to this type of opportunity and I would do it again in a heartbeat, in fact, I will see you next summer!  

Abby Udvari

Oakville Thunder Volleyball Club

VPC Parent Testimonials from 2014

VPC Calgary 2014 

Our 14 year old daughter attended a VPC in July in Calgary AB. She has been playing Club Volleyball since she was 9 years old. We are tentative to put her in some camps because often athletes are placed by age and not skill level. At VPC, she played with athletes at a similar skill level, even though she was one of the younger girls.  She had a complete blast there because they challenged her to be her best at all times and work hard! There were many fun activities too! She met some new friends and really liked the coaches. They were knowledgeable and had great and fun attitudes!!

‎Thank you Leslie for putting together a great VB camp!

Joan Flewell 

Red Deer, AB

Our two daughters ages 13 and 15 were registered in the summer 2014 VPC camp at Rally Pointe. Every day they came home tired but energized towards the game of volleyball. On the first day of registration they were greeted with friendly and supportive coaches. As the week progressed we noticed the attention to "position execution" details that was provided by the experienced coaching staff. Another benefit was that our daughters met other fabulous athletes from around and outside of Alberta! Great job-will be back next year.

Andy and Joanne Lapins

Calgary, AB


Year after year I have had the pleasure of watching my two daughters develop and grow in the game of volleyball. I can say with certainty that their participation in the VPC camp over the last 3 years has been integral in their technical ability and understanding of the game. My girls really connected with the young female coaches and respected them as positive role models in women's volleyball. There's plenty of one on one instruction and feedback given due to the low coach to athlete ratio and position specific style of camp. VPC is both my daughters only camp of choice and we highly recommend it to anyone who asks what camp we're doing in the summer.

Juanita Mathes

Calgary, AB

VPC Ottawa 2014

For the past 2 summers, my daughter has attended the VPC in Ottawa, Ontario. The first summer, she participated in the “outside hitter group.” This past August, she trained as a setter. Both camps were fabulous experiences that really helped further improve her skills and game play. The coaching staff consists of exceptionally talented coaches, who themselves are present or past varsity athletes, and national team members. The camp is very well organized and includes very full days of position-specific sessions and game play. The players consistently receive feedback on their skills and game play. There is also an information seminar that outlines the process for playing at the next level, for those athletes interested in post-secondary volleyball opportunities. The atmosphere is high energy and very positive - an exceptional camp! 

Janice Jones

London, Ontario


My daughter Emilie loved the feedback and evaluation from the knowledgeable coaches/staff. She also loved the high intensity drills and the positive energy from the coaches. As a parent, I was pleased with the information sessions regarding post secondary institutions. Finally, I thought the communication between organizers and parents, via email, was prompt and well explained. 

Rock Lachance

North Bay, Ontario

VPC Toronto 2014

I have always believed it takes a village to raise a child! I cannot help but be sentimental as I describe Leslie, the VPC staff and the volleyball community in this high regards.

As a busy mom of three children the gratitude and appreciation our family has for her coach Linda who felt VPC was an exceptional camp, and drove our daughter and three other athletes to camp in Toronto from Guelph each day - Wasn't this dedication and commitment.  

Our daughter received a second opportunity to take part in the Ottawa camp! How could we as parents ever deny our child such an opportunity with her coaches having taken the time and interest. 

We feel so blessed to be part of a community that encourages their female athletes to be pushed out of the comfort zone and thrive. 

VPC went above and beyond our camp expectations.  

Thank you to Leslie and all the VPC staff for creating a camp experience that will impact our daughters both on and off the volleyball court.  

Donna Glynn-Williams 

Guelph, Ontario


My daughter felt that Volleyball Position Camp was the best volleyball camp she has attended. She thought the coaching was excellent, and all of the coaches were very aspirational each in different ways. She learned different things that built on what she has already been taught; she thinks this is the kind of coaching that will take her to the next level.  And importantly, she had a good time doing it. She also really enjoyed the camaraderie of the other girls, most of whom she only usually sees on the other side of the net.

Sandra Linsdell

Toronto, ON


VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2013

(Listed beside each athlete's name is the Club Name for which they played in the 2012-2013 Indoor Club VB Season)

VPC this year was a fantastic experience for me. Of all the camps and programs that I've done in my volleyball career, this has been my favourite.  It has been the most educational on all aspects of volleyball, whether it being the technical skills, the strategy of the game or how I can advance with the sport after my club career.  The variety of coaches from all levels of experience enhanced the experience, allowing me to learn as much as possible. The skill level of my fellow campers also added to the experience, with some of the best players from all across Ontario coming to the camp.  If you are looking for a camp to further your game and bring you to the next level, this would be the camp for you.

Austen Condie-Doucet, Fusion Volleyball Club

Ottawa, Ontario

In August I had the opportunity to travel to Ottawa to attend Leslie Irie's Volleyball Position Camp. I learned a lot about how to improve my game and specifically new things about my position.  In club volleyball the main goal is improving as a team, so often small details that take your game to the next level are left out when you have not received individual attention specific to your position by coaches that have played that position and have useful insight on how to improve your skills.  

At VPC, a very experienced and friendly coaching staff helped me become a better middle and taught me things that I would not have learned from playing only club volleyball. While getting personal attention and knowledge from athletes that have been in the same position as you, you learn from well experienced and qualified coaches that take you through every step of your game, from nutrition, to managing school work as an elite athlete.  I would recommend this camp to anyone looking to take their game to the next level and gain valuable knowledge from extremely qualified coaches. 

Youmi Dickson, Forest City Volleyball Club

London, Ontario

This summer was my second time attending VPC and I have nothing but amazing things to say about the camp. First of all, it was great to get feedback from so many experienced coaches who have played on university and national teams.  I loved the entire atmosphere of the camp and how the days were well organized to include both position-specific sessions and game play.  Over the course of the week, I definitely saw an improvement in my hitting and passing technique.  I would highly recommend VPC to all volleyball players!

Alina Dormann, Maverick Volleyball Club

Ottawa, Ontario

VPC is the best summer camp for position training! The one on one time with coaches really helps you improve and the guest coaches are awesome. The best part of VPC was that we balanced position training with game play and worked on all our skills. 

Angela Hung, Pandas Volleyball Club

Edmonton, Alberta

Here are the main reasons why I enjoyed my VPC experience this summer:

Allows You to Focus on the Position that You Want to Play

I think that Volleyball Position Camp is very helpful because it lets you to focus on the position that you want to play. If you want to be an outside hitter, then you will drill all the skills you need to be a successful hitter such as proper footwork and different ways to attack.

It Focused on Sport Psychology

One really cool part of the camp was how we learned about sport psychology. We learned about the importance of self-confidence in order to be a successful volleyball player.  We talked about staying calm and composed under pressure and how you can strengthen your game by controlling the messages you tell yourself.

Small Size Camp 

The coach player ratio at VPC was great and we received lots of one-on–one attention. I have been at other camps where there were too many participants to make it a worthwhile experience so I really appreciate the small groups at VPC .

Great Coaches

The coaches are very qualified with several having University coaching experience. They are extremely friendly and know how to explain things so that you can improve quickly.

Sophie Jackson, Griffins Volleyball Club

Edmonton, Alberta

Going into this camp I didn’t really know what to expect. Coming from Toronto I didn’t know any of the players or the coaches who were in the camp. Just like going into any camp for your first time I was unsure of how it was going to turn out. The one thing I did know was that by the end of the week I wanted to be a stronger and smarter volleyball player. The Volleyball Position Camp achieved that for me, University, Olympic and National players taught me skills that I have never dreamed of. They were using their strength and knowledge to teach young athletes like me the fundamentals to become top notch players. The expectations were to push us beyond our limits and to progress further. As an outside hitter I learned more of the basics and the structure of your arm movement but also how to outsmart the other team and how to be the best in a game. None of the drills were super easy because the coaches knew that, as elite athletes, they needed to push us. The amount of skills that I took away from just one week was outstanding and the relationships that we as players gained with the coaches and each other was amazing. Who knows these could be your coaches or fellow athletes in the future. As a developing athlete and as an aspiring University athlete I would definitely recommend this camp to the girls out there who want to go to that next level!

Tara Leithead, Etobicoke Titans Volleyball Club

Toronto, Ontario

I really enjoyed the VPC camp this summer, the coaches were very patient and helpful.  I learned a lot and developed a lot as a player.  I wasn’t used to the depth in which skills/team play were covered but once I had a better understanding of what and how things worked, the time flew by.  I would definitely recommend the VPC camp and look forward to going next summer.

Bailey Lemieux, Reds Volleyball Club

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Coming into the camp, I truly didn't expect to improve on as many aspects of my game as I did.  After only a single week of VPC I obtained technical, tactical and mental skills that I aim to apply at every practice and match.

Jenny Pershin, Dinos Volleyball Club

Calgary, AB


VPC Athlete Testimonials from 2012

(Listed beside each athlete's name is the Club Name for which they played in the 2011-2012 Indoor Club VB Season)

My time at VPC refined my position-specific skills and provided me with personal attention to reach the next level in my skill development.  I particularly found the feedback from the video recordings to be very helpful in identifying what I needed to work on.  The coaches challenged us all to work harder towards being better volleyball players, mentally as well as physically.  I would definitely recommend VPC to anyone who wants to improve their skills.

Vanessa Jarman, NAVC

Edmonton, Alberta

"The VPC was a great camp in that they stressed the fundamentals of all aspects of the game. The knowledge I gained was tremendous."

Bryanne Kwong, Calgary Dinos Volleyball Club

Calgary, Alberta

VPC is without a doubt my favorite volleyball camp.  Their staff are talented both as players and coaches.  They taught me the skills and tips I needed to make my high school senior varsity team this year.  To me that was a huge accomplishment because the same coach who cut me from the junior team my Grade 10 year accepted me this year.  Through their "high five award" system I gained confidence and was pushed to be better. 

This camp is especially unique because it focuses on your specific position so I'm not a libero learning how to block middle.  I recommend this camp to anyone who wants to work on their position but especially to liberos because there aren't many camps that focus on libero.  I want to thank VPC so much for their support and teaching, I can't wait to see you again this year. 

Jess Morris, Calgary Sparks Volleyball Club

Calgary, Alberta

This was my third year with VPC.  What I like about the camp are the coaches.  They are all experienced, former players who have been “there”.  Because they are female, they can relate to what I’m doing and going through.  They are my inspiration!

Layne Quickstad, NAVC

Vegreville, Alberta

VPC was a unique camp experience for me and I believe I benefitted from this format.  Our specific libero exercises taught me enhanced footwork skills and arm positioning.  Coach Annie Levesque was so enthusiastic that the hard work was such fun!  The libero skills we learned were then put to test in game format with all the other position players, and I really enjoyed the final day tournament.  I would highly recommend this camp for players who want to learn unique position skills from great coaches.

Elena Simpson, Forest City Volleyball Club

London, Ontario

This summer, I had a personal goal of meeting new volleyball players and coaches.  I have excellent coaching and training available in Alberta, but wanted to see how I would perform and respond to playing with other athletes and under the guidance of other coaches.  I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I have what it takes to play with athletes from anywhere in Canada. 

VPC Ontario was my camp of choice because it is a position specific camp and I got to combine it with a summer vacation in Ontario and Quebec!  I had a better than anticipated camp experience. Coaches Heather Brinkman and Ashley Voth were great middle coaches who suggested small refinements that made huge differences to my middle hitting and blocking.  The camp was well organized with game play and lots of drills that were new to me.  The off-court sessions were really informative.  Thanks to VPC, I grew in on-court confidence, tuned up my volleyball skills, made new friends, and got some really nice Nike "swag".

Heather Williams, Pandas Volleyball Club

Edmonton, Alberta

Let me just start off by saying that the Volleyball Position Camp was a great experience.   I'm a 16U setter and I loved that this camp was position specific and very intense.  Throughout the week I really saw an improvement on my setting as well as my basic volleyball skills.  The staff at VPC were so helpful and really had an answer for all of my questions, it was interesting to talk to women who have achieved your volleyball goals and ask them questions regarding their volleyball career and journey.  On top of all that, the camp also had a mental preparation session and a nutrition session to help you with not only the physical aspect of the sport but also the mental aspect.  If I had to recommend any camp to a fellow teammate it would have to be VPC. 

Olivia Witteveen, Maverick Volleyball Club  

Ottawa, Ontario

VPC was hands down one of the best volleyball camps I have been to.  I went there to learn more and develop as a setter, and with the help of the coaches I did exactly that.   The camp definitely improved my game; from the position specific sessions, to getting the chance to put everything together during game play, I got the opportunity to work on all aspects of this sport. 

One of the best things about VPC is that all the coaches were all extremely willing to help out, give lots of pointers and take the time to watch you to give you things to work on personally.  They are all also very experienced players, from being on the national team, playing pro, provincial team, or now coaching high level ball, seeing them and hearing their stories on how they got there motivated me and helped me realize what I need to do to reach my goals of playing university ball, being on the provincial team, and any more opportunities after that.  It prepared me for those longer term goals, as well as for my upcoming club season (17u) by improving the technique I already had, and teaching me even more skills which would bring my game up to the next level.

Being able to attend the VPC camp was one of my best experiences, being in a gym with so many other athletes with the same ambitions as me, and with all the coaches who have achieved what I hope to be able to was amazing, and I'd like to thank each and every one of them for such an amazing week.

There is no doubt that VPC is a MUST go-to camp for all aspiring volleyball players, I 100% recommend it to anyone wanting to bring their skills to the next level while having a great time doing so!

Gabby Zitikyte, Fusion Volleyball Club

Ottawa, Ontario

VPC Parent Testimonials from 2012

My 14 year old daughter attended VPC  (Calgary) in July 2012.  We chose this camp primarily because it was “position specific”.  We were looking for any training tips, skills or techniques to improve her game as an outside hitter.  What she did get –was so much more than that. 

There are so many different aspects to this camp.  As a parent I wanted to let you know what made a difference for her.  The nutritional counseling surprisingly made a huge impact on her.  She is now more conscious of what she is eating on a daily basis and often refers to her foods list, when before she regarded McDonald’s as part of the food guide.  The one on one and video analysis was a crucial part of training because to be able to see what she was doing right and how to improve upon it and to see what she was doing wrong and how to correct it makes all the difference in her performance on the court.   Another positive was the opportunity to try out other positions as now my daughter realizes she can be a setter as well as outside hitter.  She was advised by the coaches that having the ability to play both positions could open more doors for her in the future.  That wasn’t something we had ever thought of before.  

My daughter does have a lot of skill but she lacks confidence.  The panel discussions put on by the coaches made a huge impact on her.  Sharing their experiences being a starter, riding the bench, injuries, playing college volleyball, the best of volleyball and the worst---worth it all—for the love of the game!  When that discussion was over, my daughter was so pumped up.  She told me how much it meant to her.   Right then and there I knew it was worth the trip.  I can’t say enough about the coaching staff- - Leslie, Christy, Chelsea, Tracy, Meggie and Tiffany.  My daughter learned a lot from them and they had a real positive influence on her.  I know she will be playing with much more confidence now.

Karen Bauml

Selkirk, Manitoba

We are from Saskatchewan and were looking for a higher level camp for my 15 year old daughter.  We found this camp by just poking around the internet and thought we'd give it a try.  My daughter participated in several camps this summer, the VPC was the best and stood out for a number of reasons:

• Level of coaching

• Position specific

• Seriousness of athletes attending (like minded – wanting to improve their skills)

• Smaller athlete/coach ratio 

• Valuable information provided regarding post secondary education possibilities and nutrition 

• Positive and honest environment

My daughter’s skills for serving, passing and blocking improved immensely.   She attends a competitive sports high school in Saskatoon and thought that she’d try out for the Senior Volleyball Team this fall.  There were two juniors to make the squad, and she was one of them (7 grade 12’s returned this season).  I credit this camp to helping her achieve this goal.  

Next summer, we plan on attending two VPC camps - this most definitely has the best cost/benefit than the vast majority of other camps.  Good Job VPC and Thank You!!!

Darcy Huisman

Saskatoon, SK

Volleyball Position Camp was a fantastic camp for my daughter.  The quality of coaching was significantly better than other volleyball camps we have attended.  The coaches were able to teach advanced skills to the girls in a positive manner and environment.   The girls were pushed every day and were tired at the end of each day, but they still loved all the drills they participated in.   The girls had a lot of fun while they were learning new advanced skills.  The coaches were able to reach a nice balance on pushing the girls to the best of their abilities but also having fun at the same time.  The skills development that the girls achieved in a week was outstanding.

More importantly, as a parent, I was very impressed with the encouraging and positive attitudes of the coaches.    They pushed the girls to do their best, but always in a respectful, fun, and encouraging manner.   The coaches not only wanted to develop the technical volleyball skills of the participants, but also emphasized the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship.   The coaches are great role models for young athletes. 

 Overall, I would recommend this camp to everyone.   We will be returning to VPC for next year’s camp.

Ginn Kuchinka

Edmonton, AB

Finally, there is a camp in Ontario that is position specific. Volleyball Position Camp, which has been in Alberta for a while held their inaugural camp in Ottawa this past August. The camp is excellent. It is staffed with qualified coaches all whom have played university volleyball and most have National Team experience as well. The girls get to work on an individual skill during the day and combine in the afternoon for game play.

My daughter attended the camp as a setter and had the privilege of being coached by Leslie Irie. Leslie is a phenomenal coach.  She brings a wealth of experience to the court having been a former National Team player and a Junior National Team and University coach. She is extremely positive and an absolute bundle of energy, a fabulous role model. 

There is also a day where the girls get to choose a specific skill they want to work on such as blocking, serving or passing.  Each one of these sessions is run by the coach best qualified to teach the skill; for example passing was led by 

Annie Levesque arguably the best libero the Canadian Women’s National team has ever had.  There are also classroom sessions dealing with nutrition, sports psychology and scholarships. All of these are incredibly valuable to the competitive youth athlete hoping to play at the university level.

All in all VPC was an awesome camp. It is position specific, has great coaches and is extremely well run. We will definitely be attending again next year.

Tami Perau    

Whitby, Ontario

I highly recommend the Volleyball Position Camp.  As the mother of a multi-sport athlete, my daughter has been referred to as athletic and she has been told she is coachable.   On the advice of her school coach, my daughter participated in VPC - she had a fabulous experience as the coaches either had National team experience or were aspiring to be at this level and they were all excellent.   They trained the girls with great enthusiasm and encouragement.   The program was fast paced, the skills sessions were most helpful and the Wednesday morning info session in which the girls were able to ask questions about proceeding to possible university/college volleyball teams was enlightening.  There was the right balance of skills sessions and game playing opportunity.  I was most impressed with their approach and I plan to send my younger daughter to next year's camp.

Carole Wood

Ottawa, Ontario