Middle Blocker Position

One of the most challenging positions to play, learn what it takes to become a dominant middle blocker. Coaches will focus on individual technique for both block and attack. Being able to apply these skills to the transition part of the game is the advantage you will have at VPC.

Your coaches will cover skills such as:

  • biomechanics of arm action
  • proper footwork for a middle
  • attack options – with power and with finesse
  • ability to attack a variety of 1st tempo sets – 50, 30, 60 and step 9
  • transitioning from down/free, serve receive to attack, defense to attack
  • proper block (individual) - upper body with hand positioning and penetrating arms, footwork to defend 1st tempo as well as how to get to outside sets, reading opposing setter and offense
  • video analysis of armswing/approach