Outside Hitter Position

The most successful teams have incredible outside attackers. This position is predominately designed for outside attackers (zone 4) but there will be opportunities to learn the skill of opposite (zone 2) as well. Your coaches will focus on individual technique for both the front and back row. At VPC, further emphasis will be placed on the transition part of the game and what is required to be a successful outside attacker.

Your coaches will cover skills such as:

  • biomechanics of arm action
  • proper footwork for an outside hitter – in and out of system
  • attack options such as line, cross, roll and wipe off shots
  • ability to attack a variety of sets – high, shoot, 33, pipe
  • transition from serve receive to attack and defense to attack
  • proper block (individual) – upper body with hand positioning and penetrating arms, timing
  • proper block (team) – bunch and commit block, defending 1st tempo (i.e. step)
  • service reception (individual) – proper form/ (team) – swing hitting
  • defending zones – d4, d5 and d6
  • video analysis of armswing/approach