Coach Line-Ups

VPC Coaches - 2023

Coach Line-Ups for completed Toronto, London, and Ottawa 2023 events coming soon

VPC Coaches - 2022

 VPC Toronto
(Advanced 15U/16U)

Jen Nielson (Lead Coach, OH)

Felicia Jones (Assistant Coach, OH)

Leslie Irie (Director)

Vivian Chan (Lead Coach, Libero)

Lauren Wong (Lead Coach, Setter)

Nicole Collard (Lead Coach, MB)

Keyomi Ellis (Assistant Coach, MB)

 VPC Toronto

Shanice Marcelle (Lead Coach, OH)

Felicia Jones (Assistant Coach, OH)

Leslie Irie (Director)

Lauren Wong (Lead Coach, Setter)

Mandi Doris (Lead Coach, MB)

Keyomi Ellis (Lead Coach, MB)

 VPC London
(Advanced 15U/16U)

Melissa Smyth (Assistant Coach, MB)

Sammie Gibson (Assistant Coach, OH)

Leslie Irie (Director/Lead Coach, OH)

Bonnie Cooper (Lead Coach, Setter)

Heather Brinkman (Lead Coach, MB)

Chloe Schum (Assistant Coach, Setter)

* missing Courtney Sestric (Lead Coach, Libero)

 VPC Ottawa
(Advanced 15U/16U)

Claude Ferland (Lead Coach, MB)

Emie Gaboury (Lead Coach, Setter)

Danika Robert (Assistant Coach, MB)

Leslie Irie (Director)

Sabrina Roy (Lead Coach, Libero)

Melanie Dormann (Assistant Coach, OH)

Bruce Dunning (Lead Coach, OH)

VPC Coaches - 2019

 VPC Toronto Camp #1

Leslie Irie (Director)

 VPC Toronto Advanced Camp #2

(L – R): Nicole Collard (Middle, Assistant Coach), Shanice Marcelle (OH, Lead Coach), 

Thinesa Sri (OH, Assistant Coach),  Leslie Irie (Director), Joely Christian Macfarlane (Setter, Lead Coach), 

Vivian Chan (Libero, Lead Coach), Adam Simac (Middle, Lead Coach)

* missing Lauren Wong (Setter, Assistant Coach)

 VPC Toronto Camp #3

(L – R): Heather Brinkman (Director and Middle, Lead Coach), Thinesa Sri (OH, Assistant Coach), 

Joely Christian-Macfarlane (Setter, Lead Coach), Lauren Wong (Setter, Assistant Coach), 

Tea Vukovic (Middle, Assistant Coach), Adam Simac (OH, Lead Coach)

* missing Leslie Irie

 VPC Ottawa Advanced Camp #4

(L – R): Vanessa Arbour (Middle, Assistant Coach), Nicole Collard (Middle, Head Coach),

Sabrina Roy (Libero, Lead Coach), Kaly Soro (OH, Assistant Coach), Leslie Irie (Director, Setter, Lead Coach),

Myriam English (OH, Lead Coach), Jackson Dunning (Libero, Assistant Coach)

VPC Coaches - 2018

 VPC Toronto Advanced Camp #1

(L – R): Breanna Golding (MB Coach), Tesca Andrew-Wasylik (Libero Coach), 

Leslie Irie (VPC, Director), Nicole Collard (MB Coach), Alina Dormann (OH Coach), 

Shanice Marcelle (OH Coach), Joely Christian-Macfarlane (Setter Coach)

 VPC Toronto Camp #2

Coaches as above with the following assignment changes:

 Leslie Irie and Heather Brinkman (VPC Co-Directors), and Thinesa Sri (OH Coach)

 Tesca Andrew-Wasylik and Shanice Marcelle were not coaching in Camp #2

 VPC Ottawa Advanced Camp #3

(L – R): Adam Simac (MB Coach), Ashley Simac (OH Coach), Michelle Wood (Libero Coach), Leslie Irie (Setter Coach/VPC Director),

Milana Grahovac (MB Coach), Sabrina Roy (Libero Coach), Caroline Lemay (OH Coach)

VPC Coaches - 2017

 VPC Toronto Camp #1

(L – R): Breanna Golding (OH, Assistant), Adam Simac (Middle, Lead Coach) Alexandra Newman (Middle, Assistant), 

Kyla Wilkins (OH, Assistant), Shanice Marcelle (OH, Lead Coach), Leslie Irie (Setter, Lead Coach)

 VPC Toronto Advanced Camp #2

(L – R): Shanice Marcelle (OH, Lead Coach), Nicole Collard (Middle, Assistant), Becky Zeeman (Libero, Lead Coach), 

Leslie Irie (Setter, Lead Coach), Breanna Golding (OH, Assistant), Kaiva Mateus (Middle, Lead Coach)

 VPC Ottawa Advanced Camp #3

(L – R): Joely Christian-Macfarlane (Setter, Lead Coach), Sabrina Roy (Libero, Assistant), Kaly Soro (OH, Assistant), 

Myriam English (OH, Lead Coach), Janie Guimond (Libero, Lead Coach), Leslie Irie (VPC, Director), Alix Krahn (Middle, Lead Coach)

VPC Coaches - 2016

 VPC ON: Toronto (14U/15U) Camp

(L - R): Charlotte Sider and Breanna Golding (OH); Deborah Mitchell (all positions); Leslie Irie (Director); 

Pam Rogers (Setter); Alexandra Newman and Dean Wylie (Middle)

 VPC ON: Ottawa (15U-17U) Camp

(back row L - R) Émie Gaboury (Setter); Kaiva Mateus (Middle) Kaly Soro and Joely Christian-MacFarlane (OH)

(middle row L - R): Jessie Niles and Sabrina Roy (Libero); Leslie Irie (Director/Setter)

(front row): Jeremie Lortie (Middle)

 VPC ON: Toronto Advanced (15U/16U) Camp

(L - R): Tesca Wasylik (Libero); Joely Christian-MacFarlane and Charlotte Sider (OH); Ashley Simac and Breanna Golding (Middle); Leslie Irie (Director/Setter) 

VPC Coaches - 2015

 VPC ON: Toronto Coaches

(L - R):  Deborah Mitchell, Heather Brinkman, Ashley Simac, Pam Rogers, Leslie Irie

VPC ON: Ottawa Coaches

(back row L - R): Vincent Pichette, Myriam English, Sophie Chenail, Ashley Simac, Kaly Soro

(front row L - R): Leslie Irie, Marcela Mansure

VPC Coaches - 2014

VPC Ontario Coaches

 VPC ON: Toronto Coaches

(L - R):  Diane Ratnik (Setter Coach); Linda Melnick (OH Coach); Leslie Irie (Middle Coach); Pam Rogers (Middle Coach); Jen Neilson (OH Coach)

VPC ON: Ottawa Coaches

(L- R):  Myriam English (Outside Hitter Coach); Sophie Chenail (Middle Blocker Coach); Heather Brinkman (Middle Blocker Coach); Leslie Irie (Libero Coach); 

Pam Rogers (Libero/Setter Coach); Joely Christian MacFarlane (Setter Coach); Meggie Moir (Outside Hitter Coach) 

VPC Alberta Coaches

 VPC AB: Calgary

Back Row (L - R): Meggie Moir (OH Coach); Joel Miller (all positions); Lia Stang (MB Coach) and 

Front Row (L - R): Laura Fedoruk (Libero Coach) and Leslie Irie (Setter Coach)

VPC Coaches - 2013

VPC Alberta Coaches

 Camp #1 - Calgary

L-R: Tracy Keats Lapointe (Middles); Michele Prince (Setters); Chelsea Hobbs (Setters); Ashley Voth (OH) and Leslie Erie (Director)

 Camp #2 - Calgary

Back L-R: Chelsea Hobbs (Setters); Ashley Voth (Middles); Allison Ritter (OH)

Front L-R: Leslie Irie (OH) and Laura Fedorak (Liberos)

Camp #3 - Edmonton

L-R: Chelsea Hobbs (Setters) and Leslie Irie (OH and Middles)

VPC Ontario Coaches

 Camp #4 - Ottawa

L-R: Diane Ratnik (Setters); Heather Brinkman (Middles); 

Ashley Voth (OH); Kelsie English (Middles); Myriam English (OH); 

Pam Rogers (Setters) and Leslie Irie (Liberos)