Setter Position

Often referred to as the quarterback of the team, a good setter makes a great team. There will be discussions regarding strategy, set selection, leadership qualities, motivation of fellow teammates and coping with pressure situations. Techniques will focus on maximum efficiency and accuracy. A major area of teaching for the setters will be squaring to position 4 on every set to enhance deception at higher levels. The advantage you will have at VPC is that you will be able to take this knowledge and apply it right away within an aspect of team play.

Your coaches will cover skills such as:

  • Hand and body positioning
  • Movement and footwork to ball: move - stop - set, square to four on front and back set
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition!
  • Jump setting
  • Bad ball setting
  • Variety of sets - High balls to variety of quick's
  • Ball recovery out of net
  • Second ball attack - dump with left and right hand, dump when of the net
  • Dumping against blocker
  • Blocking - hand position, penetration, positioning and timing
  • Blocking - reading opposing attacker, set block
  • Transition and penetration - defense and downball situations
  • Play calling off serve receive and in transition
  • Running an effective offense
  • Setting against the flow
  • Video analysis of setting technique