VPC 2021 Update: With several questions remaining unanswered, sadly, we have made the decision to cancel all in-person training for Summer 2021.

Having said that, we will be hosting virtual training for SETTERS born in 2005 and 2006. This training is for the more experienced setter who is in the high performance stream at their respective club. Space is limited! If you are interested, please email Virtual_Training to receive more details (and be sure to include your Club Team, Coach Name, and Year of Birth). Wishing everyone the best!

Volleyball Position Camp (VPC) provides a unique and valuable learning experience designed to introduce, to teach, and to train you, the athlete, to reach the next level of your volleyball game. We offer volleyball position specific training on a daily basis. Throughout the week, this is incorporated into all aspects of team play. Sport Science areas such as the role and importance of physical training, mental preparation and proper nutrition are introduced. Our coaches' knowledge base draws upon their coaching and/or playing experience, so they can provide the best possible learning environment that leads to success. Our camp experience is second to none and our coaches look forward to working with dedicated athletes like you.

Position Specific Training

The general concept of Volleyball Position Camp is to train in your chosen position with athletes of similar age and ability. Each day there will be opportunities to transfer position specific knowledge and to continue to learn from an outstanding group of VPC coaches. VPC provides the athlete with learning opportunities far beyond what any other regular skills camp can offer.

For position specific camp details, select its position button or image below...

Specialty Training

Each week VPC designates one day for specialty training sessions. Athletes will be able to choose the activities they wish to take part in, as time will be dedicated to "athlete's choice". VPC's Specialty Training day is designed for the athlete to gain new or additional experiences in areas, including:

Serving (Jump Float & Spin) | Recovery Skills | Setting for non-setters | Libero Skills for non-liberos ... and more!

Beyond the Court

There are many external factors that influence an athlete's performance on the court. At VPC, we provide Sport Science training sessions addressing areas such as:

Sport Performance Psychology | Strength and Conditioning | Nutrition | Video Analysis*

Providing life-long skills that will strengthen their on-court game

* Video analysis is offered in full week camps and at coaches' discretion in shorter camps

Athlete Eligibility

Volleyball Position Camp is not a general volleyball skills, summer camp. Coaches will assume that registered athletes have a solid background in the sport of volleyball and anticipate that athletes exhibit the following:

  • Coachability >> Athletes will do their best to apply coaching feedback, even if it means making a mistake

  • Being A Good Teammate >> Athletes will be respectful and supportive of others

  • Physical Readiness >> It will be assumed that athletes will be in good physical shape and all training will reflect this

  • Healthy Work Ethic >> To get the most of their camp experience, athletes must be willing to work for what they want and will do so in a positive and healthy manner

  • Age Appropriateness (unless receiving permission from VPC’s Director)

PLEASE NOTE: VPC age eligibility pertains to the athlete's date of birth and current Team in the 2019–2020 Indoor Volleyball Season versus "playing up" a division in preparation for the next season. For example, 15U is considered by VPC as an athlete born in 2005 and currently playing on a 15U Team in the 2019–2020 Indoor Volleyball Season. If an athlete is underage or there is a question regarding skill level, please email the VPC Director to request verification of camp eligibility (if in doubt, please check if athlete is age or skill appropriate for a specific camp prior to registering).

Advanced Camp Athlete Eligibility

Advanced Camp athletes are those who are at a higher skill level and/or may possess physical abilities/potential.

Setter and Libero Eligibility >> Due to the very limited space per position, each setter and/or libero and their 2019/2020 club team must have competed in Premier and/or Select as of January 2020 or the athlete must have been a 2019 Regional Team member. If an athlete does not meet these conditions, please email the VPC Director for permission to register.

Camp Schedules

Throughout the camp, position specific work along with various forms of team play will take place. Each camp day will run from approximately 9:00 - 4:00 pm (some exceptions will apply and will be identified in an email prior to the camp start date*). Each training day will include a lunch break as well as 2 smaller rest periods, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Athletes are encouraged to bring a water bottle, healthy snacks and lunch each day. Due to possible nut allergies, please refrain from bringing any nut based items for snacks/lunch.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to the start of each camp (7-10 days), participants will receive an email with any last minute updates and confirmation of camp details.

Camp Accommodations

VPC is a day camp only (9:00 am – 4:00 pm daily). For out of town athletes needing a place to stay for our camps, accommodation options are available to the public at campus residences. PLEASE NOTE: Payment and supervision are not the responsibility of VPC. To stay in a residence without parental supervision, an athlete must be 18 years of age or older.

The VPC Experience

Due to our exceptional quality of coaches, innovative concepts, safe and excellent facilities, plus our coach to player ratio (1:10), Volleyball Position Camp sets itself apart from a traditional skills camp. Here is a glimpse into what the VPC experience is like ...

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VPC News Bulletins

VPC's 2020 Camp #4 is for 15U/16U* Males!

* competed in 2019-2020 indoor season

This opportunity will be available for those male athletes who competed at 15U (born in 2005) and/or 16U (born in 2004) in the 2019-2020 season. The quality of teaching and structure of this camp will be exactly the same as VPC’s other camps. Space is limited, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: For Camp #4 to proceed, a minimum number of athletes need to be registered by the end of May 2020 (6/8 setters, 7/10 middles, 9/12 outside hitters and 6/8 liberos).

From a Coach's Perspective, here's what you can expect:

"I strongly believe that the way VPC is structured offers a great opportunity for each athlete to get better. Unlike some development clinics or camps, athletes will often work with a coach for a short period of time before their time is up. With the VPC model, athletes are exposed to some very talented coaches and are able to work with them for an extended period of time, which allows the coach/coaches multiple opportunities to error-correct and build upon the things that were worked upon earlier in the week. The athlete is also able to put these techniques and tactics into practice as the week goes on in a variety of game-like situations culminating in a tournament on the last day. For any athlete who is serious about learning what it takes to be successful at the next level, I highly recommend VPC."

Adam Simac

2018-2020 Assistant Coach, Ryerson Women2017-2019 Assistant Coach, JR National Men's Team2017-2018 Associate Coach, Ryerson Men2008-2016 Athlete, SR National Men's Team

From an Athlete's Perspective, here's what you can expect:

“Working with Leslie was great! I loved the high intensity reps where she was able to evaluate very well my setting and give me tips on the spot on what I could change to get the right technique. I also loved the drill that she prepared for us ie. using the basketball to work on having nice big hands and properly using the wrists. I felt like I was improving my game and that it truly was deliberate practice. Lastly, I loved working with Leslie because she always had the right mind set, she knew how to push/encourage me to be my best and whenever I had a question, she had the answer for it. I would definately recommend VPC!”

Max St-Denis

2020-2021 Université de Montréal2018-2020 Cégep de l'Outaouais2018 Junior National Men’s Team2018 Team O Elite2017 Team Oformer member, Maverick Volleyball Club(photo credit: Ray Lui)

Here are our 2019 14U/15U Males working on setting skills ...

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Due to COVID-19, sadly, VPC 2020 & 2021 were cancelled.

Registered athletes were contacted via email with refund details.

Camp #1

15U/16U *



(born in 2004 or 2005)

Tue Aug 04 – Sat Aug 08, 2020

(5 day camp)

Humber College

(North) Toronto

8 Setter Positions12 Middle Positions14 Outside Positions8 Libero Positions

Camp #2



(born in 2005 or 2006)

Mon Aug 10 – Fri Aug 14, 2020

(5 day camp)

Humber College

(North) Toronto

10 Setter Positions12 Middle Positions16 Outside Positions

Camp #3

15U/16U *



(born in 2004 or 2005)

Wed Aug 12 – Sun Aug 16, 2020

(5 day camp)

Montpetit Hall,

U d’Ottawa

6 Setter Positions12 Middle Positions14 Outside Positions6 Libero Positions

Camp #4

15U/16U *


(born in 2004 or 2005)

Wed Aug 19 – Fri Aug 21, 2020

(3 day camp)

Humber College

(North) Toronto

8 Setter Positions10 Middle Positions12 Outside Positions8 Libero Positions

* all U-age categories refer to the 2019-20 indoor season team for which the athlete played

Humber College Athletic Centre, North Campus (Building "A" via "ATHLETIC ENTRANCE")
Montpetit Hall, University of Ottawa / Université d'Ottawa (zoom in to Building "MNT")