Volleyball Position Camp (VPC) Registration

 Register for VPC 2017 by clicking on the EZregister button below

To register for a camp, click on the EZregister button. This will open the secure, EZregister registration and payment system, in a separate window. You will be able to pay by Credit Card, PayPal, or eCheck for VPC registrations. Please note that you do not need an EZregister account to complete the on-line registration and payment process.

What Information do you need to Register?

  1. Camp(s) in which you like to register your Athlete (selection buttons are to the right of the screen - you are to indicate the athlete's position for a given camp)
  2. First Name of Athlete being registered (not the name of the parent/guardian)
  3. Last Name of Athlete being registered
  4. Email Address for Camp Contact Purposes and Confirmation thereof
  5. Primary Parent/Guardian Contact Name
  6. Primary Parent/Guardian Contact Phone Number
  7. Athlete's next school grade in the fall
  8. Athlete's most recent School Team and Head Coach's Name (if applicable)
  9. Athlete's most recent Club Team and Head Coach's Name (if applicable)
  10. Athlete's Date of Birth 
  11. Name and Phone Number of Athlete's Physician
  12. Athlete's Provincial Health Care Number and Province (only used in medical emergency)
  13. Disclosure of Medical Concerns (held in confidence or may be provided at Camp Check-in)
  14. Athlete's Skill Acquisition Goals (optional)
  15. Athlete's t-shirt size (adult women's sizing)
  16. Confirmation regarding use of photographs/video materials
  17. Confirmation regarding VPC's University/College recruitment policy
  18. Confirmation regarding membership in your Provincial Volleyball Association
  19. Confirmation regarding course waiver and medical release
When you have provided all of the above-mentioned information, press Continue > after which you will be given the option to register another athlete for a camp (e.g. a sibling at a different age group). Look for the +Add Another Entry button at the top of the Order Summary screen to do this. 

Registration details may be proof-read by using the + button that is beside an athlete's name. When all registration details have been provided, you will be given the option of sending the confirmation of your registration to your athlete (or start typing your name and EZregister will autofill in your contact information as the intended recipient of the registration receipt). Press Pay Now > after completing this.

Next you will be directed to a secure, Paypal payment screen. This will time out for security reasons, so please have your Credit Card, PayPal, or eCheck payment information available at the time of registration. You may pay with your PayPal account OR choose the Pay with Credit Card or Visa Debit button..

When your payment has been processed by PayPal, press the Return to Merchant button to see your on-screen EZregister receipt (during this order processing, the available spots for your camp are updated and your registration record is noted as "paid in full").

An EZregister receipt and Paypal confirmation will be emailed to you upon completion of your on-line payment (two separate emails). 

Please NOTE Our Camp Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations prior to May 31, 2017 are subject to an administration fee of $100.00 CDN. There will be no refunds as of June 1, 2017 unless accompanied by a certified physician's letter/note (administration fee may still be applied).

If you have any concerns about our payment method/policy, please email us at volleyballpositioncamp@rogers.com
We look forward to receiving your registration!

 Register for VPC 2017 by clicking on the EZregister button below