Volleyball Position Camp (VPC) Coaching Line-ups

VPC Coaches - 2016

VPC ON: Humber (14U/15U)
(L - R): Charlotte Sider and Breanna Golding (OH); Deborah Mitchell (all positions); Leslie Irie (Director); 
Pam Rogers (Setter); Alexandra Newman and Dean Wylie (Middle)

VPC ON: Ottawa (15U-17U)
(back row L - R) Émie Gaboury (Setter); Kaiva Mateus (Middle) Kaly Soro and Joely Christian-MacFarlane (OH)
(middle row L - R): Jessie Niles and Sabrina Roy (Libero); Leslie Irie (Director/Setter)
(front row): Jeremie Lortie (Middle)

VPC ON: Advanced Camp (15U/16U)
(L - R): Tesca Wasylik (Libero); Joely Christian-MacFarlane and Charlotte Sider (OH); Ashley Simac and Breanna Golding (Middle); Leslie Irie (Director/Setter)

VPC Coaches - 2015
VPC ON: Toronto Coaches
(L - R):  Deborah Mitchell, Heather Brinkman, Ashley Simac, Pam Rogers, Leslie Irie

VPC ON: Ottawa Coaches
(back row L - R): Vincent Pichette, Myriam English, Sophie Chenail, Ashley Simac, Kaly Soro
(front row L - R): Leslie Irie, Marcela Mansure

VPC Ontario Coaches - 2014

VPC ON: Toronto Coaches
(L - R):  Diane Ratnik (Setter Coach); Linda Melnick (OH Coach); Leslie Irie (Middle Coach); Pam Rogers (Middle Coach); Jen Neilson (OH Coach)

VPC ON: Ottawa Coaches
(L- R):  Myriam English (Outside Hitter Coach); Sophie Chenail (Middle Blocker Coach); Heather Brinkman (Middle Blocker Coach); Leslie Irie (Libero Coach); 
Pam Rogers (Libero/Setter Coach); Joely Christian MacFarlane (Setter Coach); Meggie Moir (Outside Hitter Coach)

VPC Alberta Coaches - 2014
VPC AB: Calgary Coaches
Back Row (L - R): Meggie Moir (OH Coach); Joel Miller (all positions); Lia Stang (MB Coach) and 
Front Row (L - R): Laura Fedoruk (Libero Coach) and Leslie Irie (Setter Coach)

VPC Alberta Coaches - 2013

Camp #1 - Calgary
L-R: Tracy Keats Lapointe (Middles); Michele Prince (Setters); Chelsea Hobbs (Setters); Ashley Voth (OH) and Leslie Erie (Director)

Camp #2 - Calgary
Back L-R: Chelsea Hobbs (Setters); Ashley Voth (Middles); Allison Ritter (OH)
Front L-R: Leslie Irie (OH) and Laura Fedorak (Liberos)

Camp #3 - Edmonton
L-R: Chelsea Hobbs (Setters) and Leslie Irie (OH and Middles)

VPC Ontario Coaches - 2013

Camp #4 - Ottawa
L-R: Diane Ratnik (Setters); Heather Brinkman (Middles); 
Ashley Voth (OH); Kelsie English (Middles); Myriam English (OH); 
Pam Rogers (Setters) and Leslie Irie (Liberos)